Sanjivani 2 24th October 2019 written update: Ishaani’s new Ray of hope in the form of Roshni

The episode starts with Sid and Ishaani getting close to each other. He suddenly gets reminded of his past and starts acting. He laughs at her and asks if she thought that by does all these things she could attract any boy. Ishaani says that she don’t want to attract any boy but only him. He insults her calling her shameless. He asks does she have any idea what type of girls do all these things. Ishaani asks how easily boys like you categorise girls. She says atleast she’s true to herself unlike him. He insults her further and ruins all the decorations. He apologizes Ishaani in his mind and says that he’s doing all this only for her and leaves. Ishaani stands shattered.

Rahil keeps pestering Sid for the reason but Sid’s keeps closing himself from him. Ishaani in front of washroom mirror recalls Sid’s words. She wonders if it was anybody else she would’ve died by the insult but on case of Sid she’s not angry. She says that she believes that he’s hiding something big from her. Sid pushes Rahil and he gets hurt. He says that this is what happens to people who tries to come close to him. He says that’s the reason he don’t want anyone to fall in love with him and leaves.

Ishaani’s friends waits outside the washroom for her. She comes back out and they asks why’s she sad. She just nods nothing when they ask if the plan failed. She nods yes. They say that they have another plan but Ishaani asks them to leave as she she doesn’t feel it’s right anymore. Rahil comes there and asks Ishaani to not give up as Sid needs this the most now and leave. She thinks for a while and asks them the next plan.

She visits Sid’s mother who looks a5 her for sometime and gives her a hug. She says that she can sense that she needs it and Ishaani thanks her. She calls her in.

Shashank recalls Philo’s words and is stressed. Juhi comes there and says that Philo said everything to her. Shashank gets shocked when he realizes that she was talking about Jessica. Juhi leaves and on her way collides with a nurse who gives her a case file. She recalls the case to be her last case on sanjivani when she was leaving then. Shashank thinks that if she gets to know the full truth she’ll not be able to forgive herself.

Sid’s mother and Ishaani have a moment and she asks what happened. Ishaani says that she came to talk with her but couldn’t now and cries. Sid’s mother consoles her. Ishaani says about losing hope but Roshni encourages her to hold on to the minute hope left. Guddu also says about Sid apologizing to her in sleep. Ishaani decides to hold on to her hope

Precap : Sid asks Ishaani to leave hurting himself.