Sanjivani 2 25th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani in love with Dr. Sid?

The episode starts with Sid calling Ishaani but she’s lost. She smiles and runs away. She wonders about what happened to her and Sid follows her. She sees him and asks him to stay away. Sid feels confused while Ishaani asks for some time and leaves running. She bumps into Aasha and says that she has some problem and she excuses herself. She is about to leave but bumps into Sid who’s following her and falls on him.she gets lost in him and dreams about him. Sid brings her back to conscious and asks why she is behaving strangely. She asks Aasha to do her ECG as she feels something is wrong with her heart. Sid and Aasha laugh hearing it. She forcefully takes Aasha and gets her ECG done. Both Aman and Aasha understand her issue and still keeps quite. Ishaani checks the report and finds everything normal.

Nurse Philo says that its pleasure working with both Shashank and Juhi after years. Shashank also says that after fifteen years he feels to do the best operation and best team and all thanks to her. Juhi says that it’s because of him that they lost all these years. Shashank agrees that it’s his mistake but Juhi says that she can’t and walks away.

Neil checks Ishaani and says that she’s fine but Ishaani forces him. She writes down her symptoms and tries to figure out her disease. Sid watches a funny scene and sends it to Ishaani. Ishaani reads it and once again feels the same. Days pass by, Ishaani’s feelings for Sid grows stronger and stronger each day. She keeps feeling love whenever she is near him. She even gets herself checked with Dr. Shashank but he too makes fun of her and throws her reports. Finally, Sid arrives with his Mama all cured. Everyone welcomes him and Rahil suggests a party for his return. However, Ishaani steps in to throw the party on her behalf and everyone agrees.

They all decorate her place for a party and Ishaani wants everything perfect. She scolds Aman for getting Aasha’s favorite butterscotch cake and not Sid’s favorite Belgium chocolate cake. She throws tantrums about perfection and hears the doorbell. She thinks it to be Sid and runs to open it only to find Rahil. The same repeats with Tikka delivery guy and Preethi and Samaira. Aman and his discuss whether they should reveal Ishaani about her love but Aasha asks them to let it be for a while. They say that if still, she couldn’t figure then they decided to confess themselves. Aasha pranks Ishaani with Sid’s arrival and mocks her. Sid really comes and Aasha asks her to see but Ishaani denies believing hew. However, she notices Sid and once again gets lost in him. Aasha sees her lost and says that she’s in love with Dr. Sid. Ishaani gets shocked.

Precap: Ishaani says to herself that she shouldn’t get into this love. She’s in washroom and Sid enters and gets close to her.