Sanjivani 2 26th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani confused about her feelings for Sid

The episode starts with Aasha saying Ishaani that she’s in love with Dr. Sid. However, Ishaani denies believing it she says that it’s just a disease for which she couldn’t identify the name. Aasha says that these are the symptoms of love and asks her to accept it. Ishaani stands shocked.

Juhi is in the car thinking about Anjali’s words and the reason for her ousting. Shashank comes there and enters her car. He apologizes her for the incident before and Juhi forces him to reveal the reason for her ousting from Sanjivani. He gets remembered of Rahul’s pleading to oust Juhi because of the rumors about him and Juhi. Shashank asks Juhi to let go of the past but Juhi denies doing so. She says that she has the right to know the reason for his decision. Shashank reveals that it’s a mutual decision between him and Rahul for her welfare. Juhi reprimands him for making the decision on her career without consulting her.

Shashank apologizes her and comes out of the car and Anjali watches it. She says Vardhan about Juhi and Shashank enjoying. Vardhan surprisingly sides Juhi and Shashank surprising Anjali. She asks him about his sudden disappearance from the luxury ward. Vardhan gets shocked but rubbishes it off. He cleverly diverts the topic. Anjali leaves and Vardhan fumes.

Sid gifts Ishaani and Ishaani once again feel her heart beating faster because of him. He brings back a mentality lost Ishaani and asks her to open the gift. She opens it to find an hourglass. He says that time will keep passing and asks her to spend it with her dear ones. Vardhan brings a girl inside a luxury ward and she seems to be panicking. He asks her to sign the consent form. He says that if she signs then she has to leave only with Dr. Rahul’s permission. He asks her to think carefully before signing it as Rahul is waiting for her. The girl hesitates but signs later.

Ishaani is in the washroom and has self-talk that whatever Aasha said was a rumor. She says that she shouldn’t get into love type of nonsense at all. She’s about to have a dress change when Sid enters all of a sudden. Sid apologizes and Ishaani lets him in after some time. He sets his hair and Ishaani gets lost in him once again. They share a moment and Ishaani behaves like a nervous wreck.

Anjali enters the luxury ward to find Vardhan and the girl and looks confused at him while Vardhan panics. Sid having had enough of her blabbering asks her what’s wrong with her. He sees her eyelash on her face and moves closer to her while Ishaani panics. He asks her to close her eyes and make a wish. Ishaani asks if he believes in all this and Sid replies that one should keep the child in them alive. Ishaani does it only to see Sid’s face. She once again gets lost.

Precap: Ishaani says Aasha that she’s right and she’s in love with Sid. She dances romantically with Sid