Sanjivani 2 27th February 2020 Written Update: SID’S SURPRISE FOR ISHAANI

The episode starts with Ishaani furious at NV for finding her incapable to be a doctor. She is wants to prove him wrong and gets hyper. In her hyper mode she rips off the pillow. She collects the cotton back and tries stitching the pillow but she couldn’t do it with her shivering hands.

She takes her depression pills again. She thinks that how could she prove herself when she can’t do a simple sewing. She decides to practice well to prove her self in front of NV. NV comes there and finds her sewing. He’s about to enter but recalls her condition. He wishes for her to prove him wrong by becoming a capable doctor.

Next day Sid is planning a surprise for Ishaani and Ishaani comes there. She finds Sid getting troubled by sunlight and pulls the blind. Sid tries flirting with Ishaani but Ishaani concentrated only on his health. She says that he needs to become more strong before surgery and thus should follow certain diet. She explains a diet chart to him but Sid is too much involved in gawking at her.

Rahil comes there and Ishaani asks him to rake care of Sid’s physiotherapy. Sid asks her to stay for him but Ishaani leaves making excuse that she is busy. Sid explains Rahil about his surprise for Ishaani as three years back he proposed Ishaani the same day. Rahil agrees and Sid is excited for the surprise.

Bebe and Bittu comes to hospital. Bebe asks Bitty why they are here when Bittu reveals that it’s NV and Ishaani’s third marriage anniversary. Bebe reprimands herself for forgetting such important day.

Bittu says that she has planned surprise for them in hospital while Bebe worries that what if Sid gets to know about it. She tries stopping but she doesn’t listen. Ishaani comes to Rishab and asks his permission to take over one of his case.

Rishab taunts her when NV comes there and sends Rishab out. He says that she’s not yet fit to handle patients and asks her not to do so. Ishaani sits back and starts practicing again by stitching a banana. She calls him adamant and says she couldn’t understand him at all. NV says that she could understand him only if she really wants to know him.

Bebe and Bittu comes there and congratulates for their anniversary. They takes blessing from Bebe and Bittu gifts them a coffee mug with NavIsha etched on it. Ishaani is about to drop it but Sid saves it. Bebe and Bittu leaves saying that they’ve more surprise planned for them.

Nv also leaves and calls Bebe in private and asks her to stop Bittu from doing any crazy stuffs as Sid may get to know about it. Bebe says she tried explaining her a lot but she’s not listening. She asks him not to worry. Rahil informs NV about Sid’s surprise for Ishaani. Nv is furious but agrees to it.

Precap : NV asks Ishaani to prove herself by stitching his shirt button