Sanjivani 2 27th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani dances with Sid in the party?

The episode starts with Sid asking Ishaani to ask for whatever her heart wants. Ishaani closes her yes and sees Sid. She gets shocked and runs away. Sid shakes his head at her madness. Dr. Anjali asks Vardhan about the patient. Vardhan cooks up a story that the girl is poor and pregnant and has no one to take care of her, so he’s admitting her out of humanity. Anjali says that she looks weak and and let her handle the case. She leaves to get her medical kit and Vardhan rushes her immediately into the secret room the moment Anjali leaves.

In the party everyone are dancing happily. Sid asks for Nurse Philo hand but Ishaani thought it’s her and gets embarrassed. She dreams about dancing romantically with Sid. Ishaani drags Aasha’s hands and she screams in pain. She agrees that she’s right and she has fell in love with Sid. She closes her eyes and opens to find only Sid. She asks about the rest of the people and Sid is that everyone left when she was busy staring at him. He also says that continuous staring can make her fall in love too. He comes closer to her while she keeps moving back. He touches her sensuously and asks her to accept that she has fallen in love with him but she pushes him and move away. He pulls her back and it turned out to be a dream. She crushed Aasha’s wrist in her dream turning it into red. Aasha leaves angrily and Ishaani is about to follow her but seeing Sid she runs back to her room.

Sid brings Chocolate Ice cream for Guddu and asks him to keep it a secret from mom. He says about Ishaani’s party. Ishaani on the other hand with her friends cries for falling in love with a cheater like Siddhant Mathur. She keeps crying while Guddu says to Sid that he’s in love with Ishaani. She asks her friends to keep it a secret from Rahil and Sid and takes Pinky swear from them. In the meantime Sid denies to Guddu having any romantic feelings for Ishaani. Guddu asks him to make his favorite Halwa and give to Ishaani.

Shashank enters Vardhan’s cabin and finds Juhi there. He scolds him for buying second hand machines for his patients and best machines for Luxury ward. Vardhan points the budget as reason and Luxury ward is funded by outside. Shashank asks Juhi her opinion and Juhi sides Vardhan shocking even Vardhan himself. Shashank says that he thought Juhi will side him always. Juhi replies that she always Sides for Sanjivani. Vardhan enjoys their clash. Ishaani asks Aasha if Sid came. She sees Sid and hides. Neil and Aman tease /Sid for falling in love with Ishaani. He shuts them off and sends them away. He finds Ishaani and she tries avoiding looking at him.

Precap: Ishaani tells a story to a kid and Sid comes there. Ishaani says to herself to not get love interrupt her way