Sanjivani 2 28th October 2019 written update: Ishaani’s surprise plans for Sid

The episode starts with Sid waking up in Ishaani’s lap. He gets shocked by seeing her there. Ishaani hugs him and says that how come anyone loves someone so much. Sid asks what’s she saying. Ishaani says that it’s true that one never lies when being drunk and he confessed his love for her last night. She says that he confessed how unlucky he is and why he wants to stay away from her. She says that he’s her life’s lucky charm who completely changed her life. She says that till now she never fell in love with someone but it’s him who she fell in love with. Ishaani confesses her love for Sid. She asks how can he call himself unlucky being a doctor who saves everyone’s lives.

Ishaani says that accidents do happen in everyone’s life but it doesn’t make one unlucky because of it. She says that he’s her lucky charm and will remain the same. She says that if there’s someone who’s unlucky then it’s her. She’s the one who’s unlucky because of her parents doing. She says that they both are unlucky and two negative ones make it positive. She convinces him to believe their love will survive without damaging the other person. She says that she’ll be waiting tonight for him to come to her place. She asks him to come without fail and leaves.

Vardhan waits impatiently for Anjali and keeps calling the maid for her arrival. He recalls Vardhan’s words and gets tensed and worried. Anjali enters the cabin and sees him all worried. She asks what happened but he leaves without a word. Vardhan comes there and asks if Shashank said something. She says no and Vardhan says that he needs to plan quickly before Anjali changes her mind.

Ishaani is checking the things for the night and Neil comes there. She thanks him for his help. She asks for Aasha but Aman and Aasha are missing. Neil wishes her for the date tonight. Ishaani recalls all her moments with Sid and smiles. Sid finds it difficult and keeps twisting and turning on his bed.

Ishaani is all dressed up for the date and is waiting for Sid. Sid too takes bath and says that he’ll say whatever is in mind to Ishaani.

After a long wait, Sid finally comes and confesses his love for Ishaani. Ishaani gets extremely happy and goes on her knees. She extends her hands and asks if he will be her lucky charm today, tomorrow and forever and he agrees. They both hug. Ishaani shows his surprise proposal in crackers and Sid gets emotional. It all turns out to be Ishaani’s dream and the time passes

Precap: Sid offers sweet to Ishaani saying that it’s a very big day for him. He introduces her to his wife. Ishaani and everyone get shocked.