Sanjivani 2 29th October 2019 written update: Sid gets married shocking everyone

The episode starts with Ishaani waiting for hours for Sid. She gets totally drunk and the manger says that it’s time to close the restaurant. She finds it difficult to leave and he offers to arrange for a drop for her but she politely denies. After lots of try finally leaves and she falls crying. She says that even they understand her pain but not him. She says that he knows that she’ll be waiting for him but still he didn’t come and asks why.

Next morning Ishaani comes to Sanjivani as he’ll surely be present there and should answer her today. She enters the hospital only to find people gossiping about something and finds it strange. She finds everyone surrounding someone and it is revealed to be Dr. Sid. He has a garland around his neck and comes smiling at Ishaani. Ishaani gets surprised seeing it while Sid offers her sweet. Ishaani gets confused and asks what’s all this to Sid. Sid first asks her to have the sweet and she does. He informs her that he’s married and asks her to meet his why. Ishaani gets shocked to the core hearing it. Her shock gets widen when she finds it be Dr. Aasha who married Sid. Aasha comes with mangalsutra, sindoor and garland while everyone including Shashank, Juhi and Vardhan. Shashank and Juhi feel bad seeing the incidents happening around.
Ishaani fails believing it and calls it a prank but Sid keeps repeating that it’s not and asks her to come out of her delusion.

Ishaani still behaves hysterics to whatever happened but Sid says that it’s the truth and introduces her as Dr. Aasha Sidhant Mathur. He says that he can prove her with their photos as witness but Ishaani stands firm to not believe. Vardhan enjoys it and even stops Rishab from doing something and asks him to enjoy the drama.

Ishaani furiously asks me Aasha about it while Sid intervenes and insults Ishaani calling her desperate and someone who doesn’t care about her job. He warns her to behave properly with his wife. Juhi having had enough asks for everyone to leave to their work. She asks Ishaani to do the same but she’s too shocked to react. Sid goes with Aasha. Sid asks Aasha to not worry and asks her to go for work while he’ll handle Ishaani.

Neil comes furious towards Rahil who’s furious himself and demands answers for Sid’s actions. He says that he himself is not aware of all this. Aasha comes there and both looks furiously at her. Neil demands answer from her but Aasha remains unmoved and is about to go but Neil holds her by hand. Sid comes there and asks him to behave as it’s a hospital and he has full right to come between him and Aasha both as her senior and her husband. He leaves with Aasha and Ishaani watches it all from outside.

Precap : Ishaani asks Sid and Aasha about their love story and demands answer for her questions. An emergency arrives and Sid takes Aasha with him while Is