Sanjivani 2 2nd March 2020 Written Update: NV and Ishani make a deal

The episode starts with everybody looking at a Sid who is not able to walk properly. He is about to fall and the knife in his hand is about to hit Ishani but NV holds him on time and asks Rahil to take him away. Rahil does that.
Bitto asks Dadi who this was. Dadi tells her that it’s a patient who is getting treated in the hospital and asks her not to worry.

Rahil tells NV and Ishani that Sid will get conscious tomorrow only. NV thinks that Sid has to be stable for the surgery but his condition has worsened after this. Also Ishani says the same after checking reports. Rahil says they shall let him take rest till morning and leaves.

Ishani sees NV’s hand bleeding and gets worried. She makes him sit and brings first aid box. She treats the wound saying that it is very deep. NV says that it is so deep that it can only be felt. He is about to leave but Ishani stops him. He wishes for her to stop him from leaving from her life too and stares at her while she bandages the wound.
He thanks her once she is done.

Ishani says that situation has given her opportunity to do his first aid when once he had stopped her. NV wishes that situation gives him an opportunity to make everything right too. Ishani says that he doesnt find anyone right apart from himself.

Ishani gets up and says that she has treated his wounds but what about her wounds which Sid has kept giving her and now he is blaming her for betraying him. She says that she has been received enough punishment so now she will make Sid fine and make him realize who is the one who deserves punishment. NV looks on.

Later Ishani enters in the room and gets shocked seeing that it’s all decorated. NV comes inside too. Ishani is about to slip but NV holds her. Bitto and Dadi come and Dadi tells NV that Bitto had arranged all this but they didn’t know all this will happen.

Bitto says that she thought they will think about starting a family since it’s their third anniversary. NV says it was a long day and they are tired so asks them to leave and sleep as well. They leave.

NV sees Ishani looking at the decorated bed and asks her to ignore it but she starts destroying everything. NV tries calimg her down. She is about to take pills but NV snatches them from her hands and says that she cannot have the medicine. He refuses to give it back to her despite she insists so she ends up going on bed and lying down. NV lies on bed too and switches off light.

Ishani gets up after a while and notices that NV is shivering. She brings blanket and covers him with that. She also gets water and cloth and puts wet cloth on NV’s head since he has fever. She thinks that he needs rest and needs to stay away from stress as well.

The next morning Dadi adjusts NV’s tie. He asks her not to worry and have patience as he will make everything fine. He wipes her tears and asks her not to cry or else he will not work in the office and people will say he isn’t a good CEO.

Dadi says that she is proud of her for handling Sid like this despite being in so many problems. She says that she is going to gurudwara and will pray for him so that he can solve his problems and get strength to face life. She asks him to drop her in gurudwara. NV accpets and thinks he needs both her and God’s blessings.

Later Ishani and NV are in office. NV notices that she seems agitated and asks her if she wants coffee or something else. She refuses. He gives her Sid’s file and says that Rahil told him that his blood pressure increased last night.

He adds that he understands it is unfair for her since he was blaming her but they have to remember that he has lost his memory and she will be able to ask her questions once he is fine only. He notices that she keeps looking here and there nervously and asks her if she is fine. Ishani says that she only wants Sid to get fine and asks him not to worry.

She asks NV to give her back the medicine he took from her last night. NV makes her sit and sits in front of her. He asks NV from when she is taking these pills. Ishani refuses to tell him anything and asks him to give her back her vitamines. NV says that overdose of medicine can harm the person.

Ishani freaks out and holds his feet asking her medicine. He refuses and says that he doesn’t need any medicine which breaks her confidence. She begs him to give her medicine back. NV proposes a deal according to which he will give her pills back once Sid’s heartbeat gets normal. Ishani asks him to promise that. He promises her that.
Episode ends

Precap: Sid pushes Ishani who falls down. NV asks her if she is fine. Sid says that he will take care of his wife only and he will remain alone. Later NV tells Sid that his marriage with Ishani is just for name. Sid asks him if he loves Ishani.