Sanjivani 2 2nd October 2019 written update:- Shashank flops Vardhan’s plan and Sid’s date

The episode starts with both Ishaani and Sid deciding to not apologize. They see each other and get angry and leaves. They both wonders about their behaviors. In the meeting hall, everyone assembles and Shashank says that he’s here for a question and answer session. He asks Vardhan if he’s a doctor and Vardhan denies. Juhi supports Vardhan and approves the deal as she’s a doctor and Chief of Surgeon. The other doctors too agree that they too need to have a say in the issue and get started with Anjali. Vardhan is confident enough that Anjali will favor him but Anjali supports Shashank shocking everyone.

Aasha sees Sid and Ishaani stealing glances at each other. Ishaani leaves and Aasha asks Sid what’s the matter. She teases him and says that fire is from both sides. Sid says that there’s not any such thing and adds that he can prove it. He shows them the picture of a girl but Aasha still mocks him and leaves. Anjali says that as a doctor she finds it perfect and that’s why she doubts it. Vardhan says that the machines are safe and he got it from reputed hospitals and also introduces the chief Juhi but people tend to make mistakes. Juhi and Shashank throw taunts on each other.

Sid is lost in Ishaani memories when his date arrives. He sees Ishaani in her. He comes out of his trance and says that he didn’t get enough time for himself and that’s why called her here. Shashank provides them the reports of his technician team whom he sent to know about the machines. Juhi gets shocked seeing the reports that the machine is three years old and didn’t pass even 10% safety test. Vardhan blames Mistry for it and Shashank sends him out. Shashank too taunts Juhi and leaves.

Sid still sees Ishaani on his date and feels weird. Ishaani sees them together and cries. Sid allows her getting close to him in the trance of seeing Ishaani in her. Once he realizes he pushes her but Ishaani leaves the hospital crying without seeing it. Sid is searching Ishaani and sees Rahil who informs him that Ishaani left home. Sid gets angered seeing it and gets shocked knowing that Ishaani saw him with his date. Security too informs Sid of the same.

Ishaani comes home and cries hard. She scolds herself for falling for a guy like Sid. Sid visits Ishaani’s house and asks for her to the security. Security gets surprised seeing a guest for the first time for Ishaani. He asks him to keep visiting her often as there’s no one to speak with her because of her strict behavior. Sid agrees to do so. Ishaani sees her food spoiled and heats instant food. She gets surprised seeing Sid on her door and asks him to leave as it’s a late night.

Precap: Ishaani wakes up and gets shocked seeing Sid sleeping beside her.