Sanjivani 2 2nd September 2019 written update:- Ishaani, Sid, Aasha saves the kid and Ishaani’s birthday bash

The episode starts with the man holding Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Sid in gunpoint. They both try convincing him but in vain. He keeps shouting when all of a sudden his son starts vomiting. He immediately drops his gun and rushes to him. He begs Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Sid to save his son at any cost. They rush him to the emergency.

Dr. Aman, Dr. Neil, and other doctors are examining a food poisoned patient. They bicker like kids and Dr. Rishab arrives there and scolds them for their behavior. Dr. Aman talks rubbish about the case while Dr. Rishab dismisses him and asks him to perform the patient’s scan. Dr. Aasha comes there and informs Dr. Aman about the kid who is his patient getting treated by Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani.

Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani studies the case and finds something terribly wrong with the kid. They decide to do the scan once again when Dr. Rishab arrives. He scolds them for interrupting his case and Dr. Aasha supports him. They a get into an agreement and Dr. Juhi observes it. She sends Dr. Sid, Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Aasha for the day off.

Outside Dr. Ishaani is still worried about the kid when Dr. Sid mocks her. Dr. Sid and Dr. Aasha leaves to the party by Sid gets attacked by a group of girls who are his ex-girlfriends.

Dr. Ishaani video record it and finally Dr. Sid manages them. In the meantime, the kid is taken for MRI scan by Dr. Aman as Dr. Neil once again gets uncomfortable seeing blood. Dr. Ishaani gets her clue seeing sid’s girlfriend threatening her. She realizes that the kid has swallowed bullets. Dr. Sid, Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Aasha rush to stop the MRI scan as the kid’s body may explode when exposed to MRI.

Dr. Aman by mistake plugs his ears with earbuds too by mistake that he couldn’t hear Dr. Sid’s announcement in microphone. They both rush into the scan room and stops the MRI scan at the last minute.

Dr. Ishaani asks the kid whether he swallowed bullets and he gets afraid. Dr. Sid moves Ishaani and pacifies the kid. He then narrates him his childhood story and gets him to accept his mistake. Dr. Rishab asks him to take up to surgery while he asks Dr. Sid, Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Aasha to leave.

Later the trio reaches disco and is seen partying. Ishaani scolds Sid and Aasha for bringing her here but they surprise her with a cake and wishes her for her birthday. Ishaani says that it’s not her birthday today but they say that it’s her long-pending birthday bash. They scold her for cutting cake without candles and Ishaani reveals that it has been years since she celebrated her birthday. Sid handles the situation and asks her to make a special wish for her all missed birthdays. Ishaani smiles and wishes. They are soon joined by Aman, Neil, and others. Ishaani enquires them about the Kid’s surgery and they said that it went fine.