October 19, 2019
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Sanjivani 2 30th August 2019 written update:- Dr. Ishaani’s bold attempt and Ishaani at gunpoint

The episode starts with Vardhan burning the real donor list in Dr. Sid’s hands and Sid gets furious. Vardhan taunts Sid and Sid says that if anything wrong happens to Neeti then he’ll be termed as her murderer . Vardhan taunts him more with money and Sid raises his hand on him but stops in mid-air. Vardhan throws him out of his cabin.

Ishaani along with Neeti’s brothers once again tries convincing the girl’s parents but her father threatens to call the police for forcing him. Ishaani says that she can understand that she’s forcing him and asks sorry for it. But she says that she can’t help it as, if not now they can never save Neeti. She says that she can understand how difficult it’s for him to let go off his daughter and she did the same for her parents. She asks him to have a look at the kids who have no one except Neeti. Her father still stayed adamant and cries hard. All of a sudden Neeti’s brother hugs him and cries along with him and another brother speaks innocently with her mother. They both melts in their innocence finally.

Dr. Ishaani informs Dr. Sid about the girl’s parents approval and rushes to get the or ready for surgery. Dr. Sid feels extremely happy and relieved.

Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani perform the surgery where Dr. Ishaani taunts Sid for beating him in the challenge. Dr. Sid thanks her for saving Neeti’s life but still doesn’t agree with her ideology. Dr. Ishaani gets irked and they both bicker inside the ot. All of a sudden her pulse and blood pressure gets abnormal shocking everyone. Dr. Ishaani identifies infection in the liver and is afraid to give antibiotics as Neeti is allergic to antibiotics. A confusion arises where Dr. Ishaani takes a bold step of injecting a low dose antibiotic. Everyone gets relieved when Neeti body starts responding finally. The surgery gets succeeded.

Dr. Shashank and Dr. Anjali have a conversation about their relationship. They see a father caring for his daughter from the top. Both explained their point of views regarding the duo and Dr. Shashank says that it all depends upon the way one sees it.

Neeti have a moment with the kids and Dr. Sid asks her to thank Dr. Ishaani as she’s the one who saved her life by finding the donor. Dr. Ishaani says that the real person she should thank is not and calls the girls parents. Neeti thanks them and assures them that she’ll make both them and their daughter proud. Dr. Sid sees it and gets teary eyed and Dr. Ishaani gets surprised seeing it. She says that she can’t understand him at all as at times he is irritating but at the same time emotional too. Dr. Sid says the same about Dr. Ishaani and they bicker again.

Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani bicker about their challenge in the canteen too when a guy enters inside with gun. The securities tries stopping him but he points gun at them. He then points the gun at de. Ishaani but Dr. Sid covers her slowly.

Precap : An emergency occurs and Dr. Sid announces in Mike to stop all MRI scans. But Dr. Aman who is wearing earphones fails to listen it and performs a kid’s MRI scan.

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