Sanjivani 2 30th October 2019 written update: Ishaani in pain because of Sid and Aasha

The episode starts with Ishaani standing distraught in the interns cabin. She recalls all that has happened and cries falling down while Neil and Rahul rushes to her to console her. They asks her to let it go but she’s determined to get her answers. She leaves to search for them despite their protests.

Sid asks Aasha to not worry and asks her to take a break if needed but she says that she’s fine. Ishaani comes there and asks them to explain about their love story. The ward boy comes and calls Sid for his emergency case. Sid says that all this while Ishaani was assisting him in the case but now Dr. Aasha will take care of it and leaves with Aasha. Ishaani says that how long will they run as they work in the same place and she will definitely get her answers.

Vardhan and Anjali discuss about Sid’s marriage and calls it a drama. Vardhan made Anjali see Juhi’s old file that has the secret for her ousting and Anjali notices it. He wants to make sure Anjali reads it.
Sid and Aasha are leaving when Ishaani blocks their way and asks for answers. Sid asks her to leave as its their day of marriage and Aasha should do her grahpravesh in their house. Ishaani stands stunned.

Nurse I for Juhi about Shashank calling her which is actually a plan by Vardhan to let Juhi know the truth. She hears Anjali scolding Shashank for taking the blame in himself for Juhi’s mistake. She gets stunned hearing it. She says that if its proven that it’s done by Juhi then her medical licence itself would have been cancelled so in order to protect her he took the blame on him. Juhi cries hearing it from entrance and Shashank notices it. She runs away crying while Anjali taunts him for sensing her presence even from distance. Vardhan sees the chaos and says that he’s finally getting his revenge for his sister.

Sid brings Aasha home and the whole people in the area praise their jodi. They asks Guddu if he’s happy who says that she’s nice but Where’s his pareshaani. Sid tries explaining but Guddu cries and says that he only wants his pareshaani and no one else and leaves. Everyone leaves while Sid’s mom asks him the reason for his sudden decision. She says that she trusts him and welcomes them in.

Ishaani is crying in her house while heating the instant food. She recalls Sid cooking for her and cries. Roshni takes aarti of Sid and Aasha and offers them food. Sid is lost in Ishaani’s thoughts while Ishaani too recalls her moments with Sid.

Next morning Sid bumps with Ishaani who comes talking in phone and they both share an emotional eyelock. An emergency arrives where a girl has cut her wrist. He family says that she did it because of love failure. Ishaani says that love can only give this while Sid looks at her guilty.

Precap : Sid cries to Aasha saying that he can’t see Ishaani in this condition anymore. Aasha asks him to control himself. Ishaani falls down and Aasha tries helping her. Ishaani asks for answers from her