Sanjivani 2 30th September 2019 written update:- Sid and Ishaani’s tender moments

The episode starts with Ishaani running away from Sid. Sid calls and she once again gets lovely feeling seeing him and runs away. Sid looks at her weird. Rahil comes there and Sid questions him about spreading rumors about him and Ishaani. Rahil says that it’s true pointing at the sweets Sid brought Ishaani and goes away leaving him confused. Ishaani treaty girl and says a story to her about a princess and a monster and says how later the monster turned into a prince and a hero. She indirectly says the story of hers and Sid. However, Sid enters shocking Ishaani from and she immediately pretends busy.

Sid introduces himself to the kids as Halwa Prince who cooked Halwa for an adorable princess. He says that it seems that the princess doesn’t want the sweet and hides in her palace. So he feeds the halwa to the kid and eats himself too. Ishaani looks longingly at them. She sees the last bite is also about to end and pouts. Sid, however, pretends to offer her the last bite only to fool her at the end. Sid surprises Ishaani by a cleanly wrapped spoon and gets a new bowl of halwa for her and feeds her. Ishaani looks lost at him while he’s feeding. She immediately revives and runs out snatching the bowl from her. Ishaani is in front of the mirror in the washroom and gives a self talk to herself to behave normally. She keeps saying that it’s normal biology and has nothing to do with love. Finally assuring herself multiple times she comes out of the operation theater.

Sid is in the operation theater and Ishaani comes there. Sid asks whether they should go with open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. Rahil suggests while Ishaani is once again lost in Sid. Sid asks Ishaani if she’s fine and Ishaani says that she’s not. She pushes him against the wall and gets all romantic with him. Later it turned out to be a dream. Sid asks what’s wrong with her and Ishaani is about to blurt out but manages. Sid decides to follow Rahil’s idea and Ishaani complies without any argument. Sid finds it weird and Ishaani runs away citing her health issue. Sid is about to operate but Rishab comes there to take over the surgery as Nurse Philo’s daughter got admitted there. Sid leaves. Ishaani begs Aasha to assist Sid and says what happened in it. They are in a conversation when Sid calls Ishaani to come with him with a serious face.

Sid and Ishaani meet Jessica and her fiancee Jignesh. They keep fighting only to be joined by Sid and Ishaani. Nurse Philo says that they too fight like a couple and they both get embarrassed.

Precap: Sid asks for Jessica’s blood samples but she’s not present there. Sid sees Ishaani doing Yoga and scolds her for avoiding her works for Yoga.