Sanjivani 2 31st October 2019 written update: Major storm in the lives of Aasha, Sid and Ishaani

The episode starts with Ishaani telling the patient that loving someone is equal to committing suicide. Sid and Ishaani fall in a painful eyelock. Ishaani breaks it and asks ward boy to take her to the emergency ward and leaves. Aasha sees it and Sid asks if they can inform Ishaani everything as he’s worried if she takes any wrong decision. Aasha asks him to not do any such thing and Sid feels helpless.

Juhi comes to Shashank who’s playing with the kids in the kids ward. She asks why didn’t he inform her the truth and took the blame on him. She says in order to protect her he did such a big sacrifice and cries.

Shashank asks her to let it go as the case itself is complicated. Juhi says that he really loved her right. Shashank lifts her mood.
Ishaani and Aasha are simultaneously checking the locker. They both senses each other presence and Aasha feels guilty seeing the pain in her eyes. She’s about to inform her the reason when Ishaani starts moving but falls down. Aasha is about to help but Ishaani denies her help. She yelps in pain and Aasha says that she will get the ice pack for her pain. Ishaani says that she needs answers and not ice pack. In the meantime Rishab comes to Sid and asks if it’s finally over between him and Ishaani. He says that now he can try his luck on her. He says that he knows very well to handle heart broken girls and will have them while consoling them. He calls Ishaani a good catch and pretty hot. Sid gets furious hearing his cheap words about Ishaani but controls himself.

Ishaani asks Aasha why did she give so much pain to her with Sid. She herself answers that it’s not her fault but her fate is so. She says at first her parents betrayed her now them but still she hates herself for running behind thus love. She leaves saying that she and her husband as made a big joke of her love and friendship. Sid says that he doesn’t care what he does with Ishaani as he don’t care about her a bit. He says he only cares about his wife Aasha. Ishaani hears it and leaves getting hurt while Rishab enjoys it.

Ishaani is treating the suicide patient and Aasha comes there. The patient wishes Aasha and Ishaani stands unmoved. The girl has if they both had any fight as they vest friends and if its a guy. Ishaani says that she’s right as she married her boyfriend. The patient gets shocked with while Aasha drags her aside. She scolds her for her behaviour when she suddenly faints
Rahul informs Sid about it and Sid rushes to her. Ishaani says that Aasha is pregnant while Sid says that he’s the father of the child.

Precap : Sid and Ishaani are seeing their pics together when Aasha asks him to not leave her. Sid tears the photo.