Sanjivani 2 3rd March 2020 Written Update: SID GOES MISSING

The episode starts with Rahil searching for Sid. NV sees him and asks what happened. Rahil says that Sid is missing shocking NV and Ishaani. Rishab says that he searched everywhere in hospital but couldn’t find him anywhere.

NV asks Rahil and Rishab to go to one road while he and Ishaani will go to the other one. He calls Ishaani who asks for her tablet but NV says that he will keep his promise. Everyone are searching for Sid on roads asking for by passers about him. On the other hand Sid is seen walking on the road half conscious. He finds himself in trouble and falls unconscious on a hay stack.

On the other hand NV finds Ishaani losing her control without her pills. He recalls doctor saying the side effects of immediate dropping of the pills. He offers her water and Ishaani says she’s fine.

She on her way hears two people talking about a guy unconscious with hospital clothes. She rushes there and NV follows her. She finds Sid and NV tries waking him up. He finds his nose bleeding and says it to Ishaani. Ishaani tries helping him but Sid pushes her and she falls unable to get up.

NV rushes to her and wakes her up. He caresses her face and says he will not let anything happen to her. Sid sees it while NV manages to make Ishaani stand. They both turn to find Sid missing again. Rahil calls and he says what happened to him. They continue their search..

Sid comes to Gurudwar and sits under a bench. He’s about to faint when someone ties sacred cloth around his head and Sid falls on her lap fainting. It turns out to be Bebe. She calls NV and says about Sid being with her. NV says that he’s coming and cuts the call. He says Ishaani and they both rush to temple.

They finds Sid and Ishaani checks his pulse. She says that his heartbeat is high and bp is also high which can result in his tumor getting affected. They rush him to hospital.

Sid is laying on one bed while Ishaani is on the other one. NV, Rahil and Rishab takes care of Sid while Bebe takes care of Ishaani. Bebe says that one should control their emotions and get mental peace only by meditation and not medicines. She says about NV latest stubbornness is to stop her from taking those pills.

Ishaani wonders about it. Sid wakes up and gets hyper seeing on Sanjivani. NV calms him and decides to do anything to stop him even if it’s difficult for him. He says that his and Ishaani’s marriage is a forced one done for the sake of her Maama and Maami and they never shared any husband and wife relationship ever. He signals Rahil who injects him medicine.

Sid in medicine effects asks if he will get back his Ishaani once he gets cured and NV with a heavy heart says his. He says that Ishaani is only his and falls unconscious. NV is sitting distraught. Ishaani comes to him and gives her her pills as he thought she came for it. He says he don’t need them anymore. She dresses his wounds and NV for the first time finds care in her eyes. He wishes to be wounded forever.

Precap : Rishab against Ishaani performing surgery