Sanjivani 2 4th March 2020 Written Update: ISHAANI’S SUDDEN MOVE TO LET DOWN NV

The episode starts with Ishaani dressing NV’s wounds and says that it will take time to heal but the mark will be left. NV says that he doesn’t want it to heal as this is the only thing that says about her care for him. She ties his hand and gets up but her hair gets stuck in his button.

NV tries removing it. Ishaani wonders whether she should thank NV for getting her out of the pills addiction. They stand close when Sid starts waking up. Rahil rushes to him and finds his vitals dropping. He injects him and he once again goes into unconscious. Ishaani wants to prove herself to NV that she’s capable of performing a surgery.

Rahil, Rishab and Ishaani are on video call with Mehta and Ishaani reads out Sid’s condition to him. Mehta says that Sid’s condition is very serious and they may need to prepond the surgery if needed. Ishaani gets worried. Mehta asks if NV has decided about who will assist him in the surgery.

Rahil says that it’s yet to be decided. Rishab thinks that he should not let Ishaani come in his way with Sid’s surgery. He recalls Ishaani about her blunder of giving overdose to Sid during surgery and says she’s not fit for surgery. Ishaani us about to react panicked when NV comes there.

NV stops her and makes an announcement about board meeting. He says the three had to be present at the meeting and sends Rahil and Rishab to make the arrangements. Ishaani asks if he’s trying to stop her from performing a surgery but NV denies it. He says that today he’s not going to be stubborn but he’s going to request her. He asks her to take up Sid’s surgery.

She asks if he’s saying the truth and he says yes. He says he stopped her from performing the surgery as she is really not in the stable condition to do it due to the pills. But now she can do the surgery as she’s mentally fit. He also gives her another shock that she’s going to do her first surgery today. Ishaani gets happy and emotional and hugs NV.

NV says that along with it he has another order for the her. He says that he’s going to update her profile that she’s been doing neurology research for the past three years so that board members will agree for her to do the surgery. Ishaani says that it’s wrong but NV stands firm.

At the board meeting the board members praise NV for the wonderful amenities in the hospital. They say that they are equally impressed with all the doctor’s profile of Sanjivani except Ishaani. They asks the reason for her not performing any surgery.

NV lies that she’s been doing research and Rishab gets angry. An angry Rishab provokes Ishaani for misusing her position in Sanjivani by faking her profile. Ishaani despite NV’s warning confesses that it’s all a lie and she never did any researches. The board members leave disappointed at NV\

Precap : Ishaani and NV’s confrontation