Sanjivani 2 4th November 2019 written update:Aasha gets stalked by a hooded guy

The episode starts with Ishaani entering Sid’s cabin. She asks why did he call and says if its to apologize then asks him not to as it doesn’t hold any value. However the girl saved by Ishaani and Sid from bomb blast appears in front of her and asks her to calm down. She says it’s her who called her and Ishaani gets happy seeing. She asks if she’s fine and she nodes yes. She says that they both are her angels and gives them cards. When they are about to take it their fingers touch and they both gets into eyelock. They slowly removes their hand and hugs the girl simultaneously. The all profess love for each other and Ishaani and Sid stares each other. She leaves bidding bye. Ishaani and Sid’s card gets stuck but Ishaani separates it. She says that just like the cards when they are separated permanently now and leaves. Sid says that no distance can separate them.

Rishab badmouths Sid in front of other residents including Rahil but he controls himself. He praises him for being a Casanova and dating both Ishaani and Aasha. He taunts him for holding fake medical degree. Having had enough Rahil gives it back to him saying that Sid is one of the best doctors of Sanjivani and taunts him for bringing up his personal professional place and leaves. Rishab fumes. Aasha gets stalked by a hoodie man and he bumps with Ishaani. She shouts sorry but he leaves running while Ishaani finds it weird.

Ishaani orders Vada paav in the canteen with less chutney but then she doesn’t find it necessary to maintain and orders more chutney. She’s about to have when she gets reminded of Sid feeding her for the same time and stills. She’s about to have it when she sees Sid entering with Aasha. He says he brought her home made food and asks her not to have anything from outside as its not good for baby. Ishaani hears and feels pained. He orders himself a Vada pav with lots of chutney. He’s about to have but he too gets reminded of Ishaani and freezes. They both talk about baby and food and Ishaani having had enough is about to leave when she finds the same hoodie person watching Aasha and Sid. She slowly goes to him but he runs away seeing her and she filled him but he escapes. Nurse says that even she found him stalking Aasha everywhere from morning and leaves. Ishaani thinks to let it go as its not her business but then she can’t risk hospital’s security.

She sneaks into cctv room and checks the footage. She finds the guy stalking Aasha everywhere but he face is covered. She finds him in the new wing of the hospital and informs security about the hooded guy.
She herself goes to check in the new wing and he watches her hiding. He takes a wood blade and threatens Ishaani with it. Sid hears security talking about Ishaani alerting about a strange person and her going to check on him. He gets worried for her and leaves to find her. Ishaani handles the situation and asks him to removes his hoodie. He removes it only to find Aman and she gets shocked.

Precap : Sid searching Ishaani and Ishaani sees something in Aman mobile