Sanjivani 2 5th March 2020 Written Update: Ishaani does NV and Bebe’s surgery

The episode starts with NV asking Ishaani why did she do this and scolds her for her actions. She says that the white coat is not just a coat or doctor’s identity but her years of hardwork. She says that she doesn’t want her years of hard work go in drain because of his lie. She even blames him for lying being selfish in order to save his hospital’s reputation.

NV shouts at her and leaves shocking Ishaani. Rishab on the other hand taunts Ishaani and asks her not to worry as anyhow NV will give Sid’s surgery to her and asks her not to worry. He asks if she informed Sid that she never performed any surgery in the past three years. Ishaani gets into thinking. She decides to inform Sid the truth and let him take the decision.

Sid is planning is after surgery plans with Ishaani when she comes there and says about her not doing any surgery for three years. She asks him to decide himself about whom should assist his surgery with Mehta as its a matter of his life. Rahil rushes to Ishaani and informs about Bebe getting admitted in critical condition and Ishaani rushes there.

Ishaani comes to find Bebe and NV and rushes to Bebe. Bebe is crying when Ishaani asks if it’s paining too much for her. She asks her not to worry or lose as she’ll take care of it. Rishab gives the reports to NV but Ishaani snatches it from him much to his irritation. She reads and finds about Bebe’s liver infected and says the same to NV.

NV calls his assistant and asks them to cancel all his appointments indefinitely. He gets hyper but Ishaani snatches his phone from him and makes him sit down. She asks him to calm down and nothing will happen to Bebe.

Ishaani asks Rishab to take NV’s blood samples. NV asks what’s happening but Ishaani asks him to first calm down and they she’ll say. She says about Bebe’s liver infected and they need to do liver transplantation. She says that she was suffering for long but hided it from them. NV says about Bebe only caring about his life and cries. He holds her hand and says that he’s nothing without her.

Ishaani asks him ti calm down and says that if their blood samples matches then they can transplant his liver to her only if he agrees. He’s ready to give his liver and Rishab suggests to give the surgery to Ishaani as Ishaani is liver transplant expert. Ishaani says that it’s a complicated surgery and Rahil agrees with her. NV gives his and Bebe’s hands to her and says both their lives are with her.

At surgery room Ishaani assures NV and gives him anesthesia. She asks other doctor to make Bebe ready while she takes liver from NV. Rishab throws tantrums at her during surgery but Ishaani remained calm. She asks him to close up NV and goes to plant the liver in Bebe.

Rishab who’s worried that if Ishaani completes it successfully then Sid’s case will be given to her and makes a mistake while closing NV. He calls Ishaani and says about NV’s bp increasing as there seems to ve some internal bleeding. Ishaani gets shocked.

Precap : Rishab against Ishaani performing Sid’s surgery after the mishap