Sanjivani 2 5th November 2019 written update: Ishaani gets to know the truth behind Sid’s marriage

Ishaani asks Amar what’s all this and where did he go. She asks is he hiding something. Then accidentally his mobile falls down and Ishaani picks it immediately to finds his picture with Aasha there. She asks what’s this and from when did he and Aasha is together. Amar breaks down saying that everything happened because of him. He says that it’s because of him Sid and her got separated. He also says that he’s not man enough to stand by Aasha when she needed him the most.

Ishaani recalls Sid marrying Aasha and claiming her baby as his. She asks me if the baby is his and Amar agrees. Ishaani gets shocked to the core. She thinks that that means Sid didn’t cheat her.

Sid searches for Ishaani everywhere in the hospital and then comes to the new wing where Ishaani is. Amar sees him and immediately runs away snatching his mobile from Ishaani but Ishaani stands shocked. Sid asks if she’s fine but Ishaani stands still. She says that she’s fine and also got to know everything. Sid gets shocked and they both fall into a painful eyelock. She is about to touch but immediately draws back her hands. Sid gets a call and they both rush.

Shashank says Juhi that Aasha is pregnant and he can’t understand what’s happening around. Juhi says that she knows it too. She says about Ishaani being hurt. Shashank says another side Anjali who doesn’t listen to him and is having relation with the wrong person. Juhi calms him down and says that they need to fight for the kids and there’s no other way to solve the problems. She then asks for him for a date in the evening and lightens his mood. They both have a light hearted moment.

Aasha is screaming in stomachache and Nurse Philo and other doctor tries calming her. Ishaani rushes to Aasha and Aasha understands that she got to. Know every thing. Ishaani says that nothing will happen to her and her child. She hugs her and asks Sid why did he say everything to Ishaani. Ishaani says that Sid didn’t say her anything but Amar did. Aasha asks now why’s here after running away leaving her in such a condition. Ishaani says that he’s also as tensed as she is.

Ishani asks her the relation between her Sid and Amar. Sid says that he was getting ready that day to come to her when Aasha calls him by mistake instead of Amar’s. She screams and Sid panics and rushes to her only to find her cutting her wrist in her room. Sid aids her and Aasha says that she doesn’t have any other option as neither the society nor her family will accept her and her child and will name call her child. Sid recalls experiencing the same in his childhood and finally says that he’ll give his name to her child. Ishaani looks proud at Sid.

Precap : Ishaani says Sid that whatever he did is right and She will stand by his decision. She starts leaving.