Sanjivani 2 5th September 2019 written update:- Sid and Ishaani meets Riya’s father and Sid forcefully gets Riya’s father samples

The episode starts with Ishaani apologizing Sid for interrupting him but says that it’s him who should apologize for her behavior. He explains the pain of not having a father. They have the heart to heart conversation about pain. He asks about her pain and Ishaani gets reminded of her past. Sid says that it seems as if her pain is far worse than his. She asks if time will heal all the pains.

Sid is about to answer when the nurse informs about Riya. They both rush to her and checks her. They find rashes on her leg and checks her and finds that she has lost all her sensitivity in her lower abdomen part. They take her mother outside and informs the same.

She cries hard and they explain her the situation and asks her to reveal her father’s name. They assure that they’ll keep his identity hidden from Riya and outside world. She finally reveals it to be Rakesh Desai. Both looks shocked.

It’s revealed that he’s one of the trustee members of Sanjivani and Ishaani decides to speak with him and explain him the situation. Sid is against the idea as he believes he’ll not agree and asks her to break the rules but she denies doing so. Ishaani gets an appointment with Rakesh.

Ishaani is waiting in the reception when security wishes her for the morning. She gets shocked to see Sid in security attire and Sid assures her that he’ll help her if needed. Ishaani leaves to meet Rakesh and explains him about the situation. Rakesh rubbishes the claims and asks her to leave. She tries explaining Riya’s condition to him but in vain. He calls security and Sid comes in. He punches him making him unconscious and locks Ishaani inside the cabin.

Rakesh wakes up tied to a chair and Sid takes bus blood sample forcefully. Sid mocks him for giving the disease to his daughter instead of love and care. After completing the work he opens the door for Ishaani. Ishaani starts scolding Sid and apologizes Rakesh. She says that she’s not involved in this and he gets furious at them. Sid forcefully drags her out.

Sid asks her to get on bike and Ishaani scolds him for his behavior. She reclines to go with him and gives a lecture but Sid asks her to stop her advise and asks her to gets on the bike. Ishaani gets on it and they run away while Rakesh decides to punish Dr. Sid for sure.

Riya asks about her father to Sid who explains her about his story. He says that they should be thankful to have a mom who raised them with so much love standing against the whole world. Riya understands it and Sid praises her.

Dr. Shashank agrees to Vardhan demand but keeps certain conditions and Vardhan agrees. Vardhan gets Rakesh call who asks him to throw Dr. Sid out.

Precap: Vardhan scolds Sid and deducts his 6 months salary and Sid misunderstands Ishaani as the reason for his condition. Next day the whole hospital is filled with posters of Ishaani’s family and everyone taunts her and Vardhan throws her out of Sanjivani.