Sanjivani 2 7th October 2019 written update: Jessica proposes Jignesh and Ishaani and Sid’s decision

The episode starts with Sid keeping Jessica busy while Ishaani and Jignesh are doing arrangements in her room. Sid asks her not to feel disheartened and live life the way she wants. Jignesh is worried about the proposal but Ishaani asks him not to worry. She asks him to rehearse once before proceeding. Jignesh tries but it didn’t work out. Ishaani gives him a demo and gets on her knees. Sid suddenly enters in and she proposes him. She says that she feels a butterfly always revolving around and her heart beating fast whenever he’s near her. She says that she hated him at the start but the moment she realized that she’s going to lose him she started feeling for him. She asks will he accept her. He walks to her and hugs her. It all seemed to be a dream. Sid asks who’s she proposing and Ishaani says that she’s demonstrating Jignesh. Sid asks him to propose from the heart and say whatever you feel from your heart. Jessica suddenly enters and spoils all the decorations. She throws the ring away and behaves harshly with him. She scolds him and sends away. Jignesh leaves heartbroken.

Ishaani and Sid run behind him but he leaves quickly. Ishaani holds Sid’s hand and Sid reminds her of the same. She leaves the hand and feels bad for Jignesh. They both go back to Jessica and explains to her that Jignesh loves her. Jessica behaves rudely with Ishaani and mocks her for giving relationship advice when she herself doesn’t have any relation. Sid says that she’s crossing her limit. He holds her and explains how difficult it is to get true love and asks her to not throw such a true love from her life. Jessica breakdown in his arms.

Philo calls Jignesh and asks him to come fast as Jessica has called him. Jignesh gets happy and rushes to her without carving about the people shouting at him and opens the door of her room. Jessica is seen holding a flower in her hands and proposes Jignesh for marriage. He gets extremely happy and hugs her. Sid jokes Philo for becoming a mother in law. However, their happiness is short-lived as Jessica faints in Jignesh arms.

Everyone panics when her pulse starts getting low. Sid treats her and stabilizes her with a life support system. Everyone gets worried. Jessica finally wakes up and says Jignesh that this doesn’t work out. She says how van she dreams about marriage when she can’t even step out of the hospital. Jignesh says that six hours or six days or six months, all he wants is to be with her and nothing else matters. Jessica still worries about getting married. Ishaani says that she’ll get married in the hospital. Jessica asks how. Ishaani says that she and Sid will take care of it.

Precap: Ishaani and Sid ask Vardhan to perform Jessica’s marriage at the hospital citing her health condition. Vardhan scolds them saying that it’s a hospital and not any Banquet hall.