Sanjivani 2 8th October 2019 written update: Ishaani and Sid gets the nod to perform Jessica marriage

The episode starts with Sid and Ishaani asking permission from Shashank to perform Kessixa’s surgery in the hospital. Shashank says about Dr. Juhi doing the same years back for a terminally ill patient. He says that she made him watch his daughter’s wedding happen in the place. He gives his nod to it. Juhi praises Ishaani and Sid for valuing the patient’s emotions. However, Shashank asks them to manage Vardhan by themself as he doesn’t want any commotion. They leave and Juhi wants to talk with Shashank but he’s called for an emergency.

Ishaani scolds Sid for his idea for performing a marriage without informing Vardhan. Sid says Vardhan will anyhow not agree and this is the right way to deal with him. Sid calls Vardhan with a fake spa call but Ishaani cuts it. Ishaani says that it’s wrong and they should follow the rules. Sid says that rules are meant to break sometimes. Ishani says that she’s a living example to prove what happens when rules break. She says that her parents committed and she’s still bearing the brunt of it. Sid tries convincing her when Vardhan calls them from behind. He asks them what’s the reason that they are talking about mailing him. Ishaani says about Nurse Philo’s daughter Jessica who’s suffering from cancer. She says that they want to perform her marriage in Sanjivani. Vardhan gets shocked. But agrees immediately shocking both Sid and Ishaani. Sid gets doubtful about it while Ishaani thanks him with her heart. Sid finds it difficult to believe. They leave and Rishab asks Vardhan that why did he agree to it. He sees Anjali and says that some need to understand the emptiness in their lives. He asks Rishab to participate in it too.

Shashank praises Ishaani and Sid for their successful teamwork of convincing Vardhan. He calls Nurse Philo and informs her of the same. Her happiness knew no bounds and she blesses Ishaani and Sid.

Sid expresses his doubt on Vardhan and Ishaani says that we should be careful that he doesn’t create any problem in the wedding. Sid makes the announcement about the wedding and everyone gets happy. Rishab takes the responsibility of bringing Pandit and everyone gets shocked especially Ishaani. Sid hugs him and thanks to him. Ishaani too gets doubt on Rishab. They both sense something big planning taking place. Ishaani on conversation drinks from Sid’s cup and Sid in return drinks from Ishaani lipstick stained cup. Ishaani gets lost in him again.

Ishaani runs away. Juhi comes to Shashank and apologizes for trusting Vardhan against him. Shashank apologizes to her and asks her to forgive him in return. He says that he just wanted to save her relationship with Rahul. He also asks that if he’s a reason for her failed marriage with Rahul. Juhi disagrees and says that Rahul forgot all his principles after leaving Sanjivani. She says that he’s not the same Rahul whom she fell in love with. She says that she needs time to forgive him. She also asks if he really loved her.

Precap: Sid asks Ishaani if she has fallen in love with him.