Sanjivani 2 Written Update 10th January 2020: SID AND ISHAANI’S HEINOUS DISCOVERY

The episode starts with Sid and Ishaani sneaking into the luxury ward. They see Shashank’s picture and Sid calls him father. He says that he never had the opportunity to to call him father before but promises to save his dream Sanjivani. They both enter inside. Sid covers the cctv with cloth. They both sneak in and checks the files there. They find a file there where crore and crore transactions took place on Shashank’s name. The value is more than even Sanjivani’s annual income.

They understand that it’s some plan of Vardhan. They hear someone’s footsteps and immediately hides. A doctor comes out of the secret room and keeps a file in the rack. He’s about to spot Sid and Ishaani but leaves with a phone call.

Sid and Ishaani wonders about from where did he come from and wonders if there’s a secret room in there. Sid keeps hand on the handprint rectifier and the door immediately opens. They both gets shocked seeing it. Ishaani is hesitant to go in and fears to proceed but Sid gave her strength.

On the other hand Anjali is with Vardhan who regrets fighting with Shashank all these while. She says that he even called her before boarding flight but she couldn’t pick it as she was in surgery. She cries hard and Vardhan shows fake concern for her. He says that he needs to be strong for her and himself. Anjali adds and also for Sanjivani shocking Vardhan. Anjali says that Sanjivani is her father’s dream and she will manage it at the place of him. Vardhan fumes but hides it and agrees with her. Sid and Ishaani finds different rooms and they later enter into a cctv room.

Ishaani wonders about the cctv monitors and checks it. They can’t understand what ot is but soon realizes that these are the cabins of Shashank, Anjali and Juhi. They can’t believe that Vardhan could fall so low and low. They see pictures of different women with numbers marked to it. They gets confused about who are those person. Then they enter a room where they finds the same women and a were pregnant and gets shocked. Vardhan comes outside of Anjali’s cabin and thinks that he never thought Anjali to be a threat but he can’t let her become the ceo. He calls a media person and says ghat he has a scandal about Sanjivani and asks him to meet him. He cuts the call and sees Shashank’s picture. He says that though he like Anjali he need to do this. He says that Sanjivani only belongs to him and none can do anything about it not when Anjali or her illegal brother.

Ishaani asks the ladies what are they doing there and what’s happening. They ask if they are new doctors but they denies and says that they came there by mistake. The girl asks them to go as they are very dangerous.

Ishaani asks what’s happening there and the girl reveals that they made a mistake seeing few money and got trapped here. They say that they sell their kids once they are born and kill them too shocking Sid and Ishaani to the core. Vardhan sees cctv and understands someone is there.

Precap : Vardhan blames Anjali for the scandal of pregnant women