Sanjivani 2 Written Update 11th December 2019: Sid pesters Ishaani to accept him back

The episode starts with Ishaani crying seeing Sid and rushes to go out to open the door. Suddenly she gets reminded of Aasha’s words and controls herself and cries. Sid is still waiting outside shouting Ishaani to open the door. Suddenly it starts raining and Ishaani rushes to Sid with umbrella. They both have an eyelock. Ishaani asks him why’s he doing this and asks him to go. Sid says that he can’t and will never leave her. Ishaani begs him to go and he leaves but promises her to be at the back of her again.

Sid comes home and Aasha keeps pestering him about where he was all the time. She keeps questioning him while Sid behaves as if she’s invisible. After changing he takes medicine box and injects Aasha. He says that his responsibility is only the child and he don’t have anything to do with her. He says his love and life is only Ishaani and leaves.

Next day morning Ishaani punches her card but it shows red light. Sid helps her and it turns green. He says that when they are together all the red will automatically turn into green. Aasha watches it. Ishaani sees her and leaves. Sid just follows Ishaani. Sid keeps following Ishaani everywhere not letting her alone like a love sick puppy. Aasha sees it and recalls Vardhan’s words and gets worried. Vardhan on the other hand visited Sid’s patient whose bill was inflated. He keeps him a proposal probably to ruin Sid and says something in mute.

Juhi on the other hand pities Sid to Shashank and requests him to have a word with Sid before leaving for the seminar conference. Shashank agrees. Ishaani is checking the cardiograogy where she finds her name written in the place of pulse. Sid comes there and signal her that it’s his. Ishaani marches out wondering about why Sid is doing all this. She says that he knows she don’t have control of her heart when he’s near. She gets determined to not let him affect her as it’s wrong. She hides crying in a place near the mortuary. All of a sudden she finds mortuary room door movement and wonders who is it. She checks in to find no one and is about to leave when she finds a body moving. She gets extremely terrified and with a shivering hands removes the cloth and shouts terribly seeing the person.

Precap : Sid says Aasha that she can bring all the eligible bachelors of this world for Ishaani but he will not back off. He says that till now she witnessed his weakness but now she’ll witness his love for Ishaani.