Sanjivani 2 Written Update 12th November 2019: Vardhan makes Sid lose confidence but Ishaani motivates him

The episode starts with Neil and Rahil waiting for Sid. The patient comes to ot and asks about Dr. Sid. He says that he got admitted in Sanjivani despite the expenses so that Dr. Sid could operate him. Neil and Rahil assures that he will be there and asks him not to worry. They take him to the ot. Im the meantime Aasha fakes her injury inside the locked bathroom and Sid keeps seeing the clock ae it’s time for surgery. Aasha keeps him busy and doesn’t let him go
Neil and Rahil are worried about Sid not arriving yet when Vardhan comes and calls Sid irresponsible. Shashank comes there and asks Dr. Juhi to perform the operation.

Sid comes there and the patient’s wife says how her husband had full trust on him and got admitted here only for him. She says that he broke her trust and Sid drowns in guilty. Shashank asks him the reason for being late and Sid says that Aasha had emergency. Shashank asks him to not give lame excuses.

Sid is sitting all restless and nervous im the canteen recalling the patient’s spouse’s words and Ishaani comes there. She motivates him to not do any mistake as he has a high profile case and complicated case of commissioner mn the evening. She asks him to rectify his mistake by doing it well and provides him with support.

Vardhan calls Aasha and says that he assigned this minor operation for Sid so that he loses his confidence and will define do some mistake in the high profile case in the evening. In the meantime Vardhan asks the patients wife to complaint against Sid of she wants but she denies saying that she’s just thankful for Juhi and asks him to let it go.

Sid is preparing for the surgery with all his heart and mind and Neil and Rahil assists him. Aasha calls Dr. Sid and apologizes for keeping him too busy the whole night and spoiling his sleep but Sid says that he’s used to it. He’s preparing with full confidence when Ishaani offers him with coffee to keep him awake. Ishaani offers to assist Dr. Sid when she finds him operating a brain model. She gives him confidence whenever he feels down and asks him to have faith.

Media is surrounded the hospital to get updates about the case. Vardhan hires fake media to ask derogatory questions to Sid. He then sees Ishaani motivating him and calls Aasha to come there with prasad and dhaaga.

Aasha comes there and finds Sid and Ishaani romancing and gets irked. She knocks on the door and they both break their eyelock. She gives the prasad to Sid which most probably contains some drug and Vardhan watches it.

Precap : Media interviews Sid. Sid does the operation and something goes wrong. He cries falling on Shashank’s feet