Sanjivani 2 Written Update 13th December 2019: Sid kisses Ishaani Infront of Aasha

The episode starts with Sid saying that it’s him and Ishaani gets shocked. He mocks her and Ishaani asks what’s he doing there. On the other hand Vardhan lashes out at Aasha for not keeping Sid and Ishaani apart. He warns her to do something before evening else she’ll be out of Sanjivani. Aasha leaves.

Aasha thinks that Rishab and Ishaani are together and now Sid will automatically come to her as he don’t have any other option. Rishab gets shocked seeing Sid and asks what’s he doing here. Sid asks how dare he to come for a date with his Ishaani. Rishab mocks him about Aasha and asks how can he act so disloyal. He asks him to leave but Sid sits there. Rishab shouts for security while Sid makes his countdown.

Before security Rishab’s girl friend Mansi comes there and lashes out at him for coming on a coffee date with another girl. Rishab tries explaining but she leaves angrily and Rishab follows her. Ishaani gets furious and asks what’s he doing. She scolds him and pushes him and leaves.

Aasha is wondering where Sid is and finds Rishab entering fuming. She asks him about Ishaani but he leaves angrily. Sid on the other follows Ishaani’s car while Ishaani is crying terribly. Ishaani reaches her home and tries opening the door but the keys are missing. She gets frustrated when Sid comes. He shows her the keys. Ishaani tries snatching it and using the opportunity Sid binds them together with a handcuff.

The evening time has arrived and Vardhan comes to Aasha. He asks what did she do and Aasha says that she has sent Rishab and Ishaani for a date. Vardhan mocks her for seeing Rishab downstairs and gets furious at her. Aasha having had enough begs him to leave. He asks her to leave her from his game as she can’t do it anymore. She asks him to let her go. Vardhan agrees to let her go but not from the mess but from Sanjivani. He leaves to type her termination letter.

Ishaani struggles with the handcuffs and tries removing it but couldn’t. Wherever she goes Sid also comes there much to her dismay. On the other hand Vardhan signs Aasha’s termination letter while Aasha begs him to not. She cries terribly that many staffs including Nurse, ward boy and doctors witnessed it. Aasha asks her him to give one more chance and she will make Sid and Ishaani apart. After a lots of pleading Vardhan agrees but warns her that this is her last chance. He keeps the termination letter in his pocket.

Precap : Sid says that her mangalsutra will not denote any love and their love doesn’t need any mangalsutra. Aasha tries breaking their handcuffs but couldn’t. Sid says that she can’t break it as their love is strong and they are made for each other.