Sanjivani 2 Written Update 13th January 2020: VARDHAN’S DEADLY PLAN AGAINST SID AND ISHAANI

The episode starts with Vardhan entering the pregnancy ward but Sid and Ishaani hide seeing them under the bed. Vardhan wonders if he’s hallucinating. He says the patients that from tomorrow they’ll be released and soon Dr. Anjali will be doomed. He says that he can’t let her go when she has actually dreamt of taking over Sanjivani. Sid and Ishaani hears it. Sid and Ishaani hide in the adjacent room and Vardhan leaves. Sid and Ishaani are disgusted at Vardhan and Sid wants to save Anjali at any cost.

Next day Vardhan brings the media person to Sanjivani. He says that Anjali is responsible for such a big scandal and being Shashank’s daughter she has fallen so low. He takes him into the secret room and shows him the pregnancy ward but finds none there. Vardhan gets shocked to the core while Sid and Ishaani along with Rahil are with the pregnant women.

The media person leaves and Vardhan fumes in anger. He wonders who has the audacity to mess with him. He thinks of the possibilities and understands that it’s Sid and Ishaani. He decides to get his revenge from them. Anjali on her way bumps with Sid. Sid calls her sister but Anjali asks him to call her Dr. Anjali and leaves.

Vardhan is in the car and someone enters inside it. Vardhan pays him huge and gives him the picture of Sid and Ishaani. He says him that one should die and the blame should come on the other person. He agrees and leaves.

Sid and Ishaani on the other hand worries for Anjali and Sanjivani. Sid says that he always wanted a sister but never had one. He says that he now as a sister and will protect her for sure. Ishaani suggests to inform Anjali the truth. Sid says that he can’t as she won’t believe him and to the top of it they don’t have proofs. Ishaani asks to try for once.

Sid and Ishaani comes to Anjali’s cabin. Anjali asks them to go if the discussion is about Dr. Shashank. Sid and Ishaani says that the talk is about Shashank and Sanjivani but not about their relationship. They inform about scandal and Vardhan behind it.

Sid also says that all that he has suffered because of the scandal has Vardhan behind it. Anjali gets shocked hearing and denies believing them. She asks for proofs for which Sid says that she knows very well about how much he craved for father’s love. He swears on Shashank and says that whatever he said is true. He says that Vardhan is at the back of them to get revenge from Shashank. Anjali gets devastated knowing that Vardhan love is fake.

Precap : The goon hired by Shashank acts as a patient and Sid and Ishaani treats him. To their utter shock he points gun at Ishaani and shoots her.