Sanjivani 2 Written Update 1st January 2020: Sid and Ishaani gets to know the truth

The episode starts with Sid rushing to Ushaani after hearing about her condition. Police comes to arrest him and runs after him to catch him as they thought he’s escaping.

Sid on the other hand is with Ishaani asks her to wake up. Police drags him away despite his pleadings to let him be with Ishaani. Sid is taken and everyone throws insults and lashes out at him.

Media people too cover it but Sid didn’t give any damn to all the happenings as he’s only worried about Ishaani. Vardhan himself ie confused about his behaviour.

Ishaani’s condition worsens and Juhi instructs to shift her to perform operation. Ishaani is taken to operation theater but her blood pressure gets abnormal that they couldn’t do the operation.

Juhi instructs Rahil to shift Ishaaji to ICU. Sid on the other hand in police station. He says that he will accept all the accusations but asks him to let him meet Ishaani only once.

Inspector asks him to sign the charge sheet accepting alk his accusation and Sid agrees. Neil comes rushing towards Rahil and informs that Ishaani us not in ICU. Everyone including Juhi and Vardhan panics on knowing about Ishaani missing.

Sid is about to sign accepting the accusations when Ishaani stops him. Sid gets shocked seeing Ishaani on a wheel chair with Nurse Philo. Ishaani says that she has fulfilled the promise given to him. She says that she has fought for her life just like he fought for himself.

Sid gets extremely happy and hugs her. Ushaani says that it’s because of him she’s heere now and Sid gets emotional. All of a sudden Ishaani faints and Sid immediately lifts her up and rushes to Sanjivani.. Sid is about to enter carrying Ishaani but Vardhan stops him.

He says that he’s suspended and don’t have any rights to enter the hospital. Sid says that he’s here not as a doctor but to admit a patient and rushes in. Sid admits Ishaani.

Juhi checks on her and comes outside. Jugi gives the happy news that Ishaani is fine and is just weak. She asks Sid to go and see her. Sid rushes in and Ishaani gets happy seeing him. They both share an emotional moment.

Sid says that now even Aasha is not in between them. He says that no one can separate them now as Aasha herself left their life. Tjey both hug. Sid says that once again someone is trying to frame him and he don’t know whom. Ishaani says she knows and says that it’s none other than Vardhan.

Ishaani as a soul hears Vardhan talking on phone about trapping Sid and paying Inspector. Sid says that even Aasha said that someone has blackmailed her to do all this. Ishaani recalls Vardhan calling Aasha’s mobile constantly. She says the same to Sid.

Sid says aboyr Aasha asking him to find his real father. He’s now sure that all this is linked with his father now and he needs to find who he is.

Precap : Ishaani is in Vardhan’s cabin finding proofs to prove Sid’s innocence.