Sanjivani 2 Written Update 24th December 2019: Ishaani gets operated by Juhi

The episode starts with Sid carrying Ishaani in his arms. He keeps saying that he will not let anything happen to her. Ishaani is taken to ot. Sid gets ready in his surgery uniform when Juhi comes there.

She asks him not to take part in the operation. Sid denies listening to her and says that he himself will do the operation and none could stop him. He says that Ishaani is his life and he will not let anything happen to her.

Juhi says that that’s the exact reason why she isn’t allowing him. His emotions will stop him from giving his best. She assures him that she’ll save Ishaani. Sid agrees without any option. He kisses Ishaani’s forehead and leaves the operation theater. Juhi and Rahil are performing the surgery. Rishab too starts the heart transplant surgery.

Sid is in an emotional trauma outside recalling all the moments with Ishaani. He cries heavily. Aasha too cries seeing him. She recalls Ishaani saving him. She looks at her blood stained fingers and clothes. She despises herself for falling so low on Vardhan’s saying and decides to not do it anymore. Sid is standing devastated. Anjali comes there and asks Sid to control himself. Sid says that he completed his degree with so much of hardwork so that he could save thousands of lives.

But now he couldn’t even save his own life and feels useless. He hits the wall and acts mad. Anjali and Neil controls him and asks him to be calm. Ishaani’s bullet gets removed.

Sid sees Karan being taken away. He recalls Ishaani saying about him not being bad. He comes to him and says that he wishes his child gets a heart soon. Karan feels bad hearing it. He says that he too wishes Dr. Ishaani gets fine. He says that being a father he didn’t have any other option to save his child when his suffering between life and death. Sid assures him that he will make sure to do all the necessary helps to save his child. Karan says that he too will definitely pray for Ishaani to get well very soon. He asks him to forgive him if possible. He’s taken away by the police. Ishaani’s surgery gets completed successfully.

Aasha comes to Vardhan and bursts out at him. She says that she’ll not do it anymore. She will not trouble Sid and Ishaani anymore. Vardhan asks if its because of the incident then he himself helped Sid as the situation demanded it. He says that now it’s over and they should get back to work. Aasha shouts that she said she’ll not do it anymore means she’ll not do it anymore. Vardhan tries threatening her but Aasha doesn’t budge. She asks him to call her father but she’ll not do. It anymore. She also says she will not reveal his name too. She leaves furiously while Vardhan gets furious. He decides to trouble Aasha.

Sid is imagining Ishaani when she suddenly starts sinking in his arms. He rushes to ot only to find her struggling for her life. Sid shouts at her to come back. Ishaani is electrocuted.

Precap : Juhi tries saving Ishaani.