Sanjivani 2 Written Update 25th November 2019: Sid’s dilemma and Vardhan’s next move

The episode starts with Ishaani rushing towards Sid to express about her doubt about Aasha but Aasha comes in the middle. She asks Sid to go home as her shift is over. She thinks that she will not let Ishaani anywhere nearby Dr. Sid. Rahil asks Ishaani what is she going to do now. Ishaani says that she will speak with him at night.

Juhi says Shashank about Sid not assigned any surgeries. Shashank asks her to assign all his surgeries and patients to him. Juhi asks him to talk with his patients once and explain why he is taking over the surgery. Shashank asks what should he say that Sid slept in the operation theater? Juhi says that everyone should be given a second chance and leaves. She comes out and a ward boy gives a letter to her. Juhi reads the letter to find that Shashank is not what he really shows himself ti be and asks her not to believe him. Juhi feels weird with that letter. Vardhan smirks from afar and says that he’ll not let Shashank live in peace and will snatch everything from him including his children, job and love.

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Ishaani after a lots of contemplation calls Sid and Sid wonders why Ishaani is calling him at this hour. Sid attends the call and Ishaani with great difficulty says that Aasha is the one behind all his plotting. Before Sid could hear it Aasha snatches the mobile from him. She asks Ishaani ti remember that Sid is a married man and asks her to behave and cuts the call. Ishaani feels humiliated while Aasha acts leaving the house as Sid is not being loyal to her. Sid asks her to think about the kid and Aasha stays adamant. Sid asks what should he do to change her mind and Aasha asks him to stay away from Ishaani. Sid gets thinking.

Vardhan is throwing tantrums for getting his bp checked. A ward boy says about a poor appendix patient but Vardhan asks him to send them off for money. Later he devises a plan and decides to make Sid assign the operation. Ishaani rushes towards Sid seeing him but Sid signalled her to stop and moves away. Ishaani gets shocked but then sees Aasha’s reflection in mirror where she’s smirking and understands its her game.

Vardhan speaks with Juhi and asks her to assign the surgery ro Sid which Juhi happily agrees. Sid is upset on seeing his name missing in the surgery list. He finds all the other doctors busy and feels bad. He’s about to remove his coat when Juhi says him about the small surgery allocated for him. Sid feels elated and promises to give his best. He gets happy seeing his name written on board. Ishaani sees Sid’s name and gets happy. She rushes to him.

Precap : Ishaani asks Sid to let any other doctor take the surgery and asks him to quit but Sid denies. Sid faints and Ishaani tries waking him up. She sees Juhi outside.