Sanjivani 2 Written Update 26th December 2019: Vardhan plots against Sid and makes a new plan

Episode begins with ishani is slipped in to coma and her soul is sitting there when Dr. Samaira came in the cabin and says Dr.Ishani please get up soon and I have made a video with almost everybody in this hospital and when you will be fine I will make lots of videos with you as well.

Ishani things you want me to get up from coma just to shoot a video? How ridiculous. Ishani’s soul says to herself if you keep on sleeping in Coma then we will get bit source and also so if you sleep in coma for longer time then it will take time for you to even get back in normal condition again.

She continues that due to Coma her muscles can get stiff and this will also affect her ambitions to become a successful surgeon. Moreover, she is not even talk to doctor Sid in this condition. Geeta nurse is in the cabin with a flower bouquet and says in such a young age Ishani is facing so much in her life. She says she used to be very punctual and professional about her work.

Ishani soul says I don’t need anyone fake sympathy for myself, I can manage on my own but currently I am really helpless because I am shouting from long but no one is here who can be able to hear me. Dr Sid and Dr Kunal come in and ask everyone to vacant the room of Ishani and sits beside her.

Sid says I know you want them out of this room and you did exactly the same. Dr. Asha is watching Ishani from outside of the cabin. She thinks I did so much wrong with these too but still she risked her own life to save me. For the entire life I have become greatful to Ishani , I have to ask for an apology from her. Sid asks Asha to leave when she says I want to say something to both of you and says I am sorry. Asha asks sorry from Ishani and says I am saying sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Sid asks Asha not to this drama in front of him and leaves the room. Sid throws Asha out of the cabin when the soul of Ishani tries to stop him but he can’t hear her. Vardhan says Asha is being the typical wife and she is being pained for her husband. He asks Niti to focus on her work and says do not forget your real brother for your fake brother. He drops the bundle of notes in front of Preeti and she takes it and leaves while Vardhan gives a cunning smile.

Sid comes to Ishani and says I want to tell you something while Ishani conscience is asking him not to create more suspense and spill out. He says that they have got a donor for the son of Karan. He says his surgery successful now and he says his kid is not wrong and that is why I helped him. Vardhan is again conspiring against Sid and says who will eat my brain if not you?

Asha comes and says I want your signature in these papers soon. Sid asks Asha what papers at all this and throws it away. Asha says this is not my plan and also says I want to come out of all these and I want to put an end to all this. Sid says you always disappointed me. Asha tries to make him understand that she wants to end it. She says to Ishani I am never married to Sid and he just accepted me for the sake of my child. Asha says I want to be away from your life and I will take care of my child. Ishani says finally me and Sid can be together.

Precap – Dr. Shashank is back and Asha says I will go but troubles of your life won’t stop. She asks him to look for his father now.