Sanjivani 2 Written Update 26th November 2019: Aasha and Ishaani face off over Sid

The episode starts with Ishaani asking Sid to deny for the surgery. She says that someone is trapping him and asks him to not get fooled. Sid asks Ishaani what’s wrong with her. He denies rejecting it. He says that after lots of wait he has finally got the opportunity and he will not let it go away.

He says that already he fell by all means in fron6 of everyone’s eyes especially Shashank and this is his last chance to prove himself innocent and he will not let it go. Ishaani shouts at him asking him to understand that all his problems is because of his wife Aasha. But when she opens her eyes she finds Sid already gone.

Ishaani goes in search of Sid when she spots Aasha mixing something in Sid’s coffee mug. She recalls her giving sweets to Sid before surgery and immediately rushes to her. She snatches the cup from Aasha and asks what’s as she mixing now to spoil Sid’s surgery. She says about her being the reason behind his condition last time and warns her. Aasha asks with which right is she warning her and why will she do that.

She says that Sid gave her a life by accepting her child and marrying her. He gave so much for her and what did he give her. He just gave her hope and married her. She says that more than her it’s she who has problems with Sid. She drinks from the cup mocking that She’s Sid’s wife and is drinking from his cup. Sid is in the operation theater getting ready for the surgery. Aasha leaves after taunting Ishaani when Ishaani’s claps stops her.

Ishaani says that she’s spinning good stories and she’s right she’s Radhe and her love is conditional. She asks her to do whatever she wants but she will make sure to save Sid from her at any cost. Saying so she walks off while Aasha stands furiously.

Ishaani goes to operation theater only to find Sid unconscious on floor. She panics and tries lifting him but he’s murmuring in unconscious state. Juhi sees them from outside. Ishaani and Rahil takes Sid to the laboratory after signing the consent form to do blood test. Rahil takes his blood to check for drugs in it. Aasha is seen sitting irritates beside Sid as she has to do the drama of Sid’s wife. She sees blood mark in his hand and realizes that blood test is conducted. She recalls spraying Sid’s mask with drugs and immediately rushes to stop the blood test. In the meantime Juhi says to Vardhan that she’s going to write to the board that Sid should not be assigned any operation as he’s careless. Vardhan gets happy.

Aasha gets stuck in the lift while Ishaani gets the blood test report. Sid comes to Ishaani and asks what’s written there. They both read it and gets shocked. Aasha watches it tensed.

Precap : Sid asks Ishaani to let him deal with the issue.