Sanjivani 2 Written Update 2nd December 2019:Sid’s desperate efforts for Ishaani

The episode starts with Ishaani getting extremely hurt by Sid’s words. She says that she won’t interfere in his life any more. She says that God only helps the people who wants to help themselves but when he himself blames his bad luck. She adds that she is a fool to think about his well being and will not do it anymore. She asks him to be happy with his wife and leaves. Sid stands shattered while Aasha smirks seeing it. She’s about to say something to Sid but he storms off.

Ishaani is crying in a corner and Rahil consoles her. He asks if she can really stay away from Sid for which Ishaani says that she don’t know but has to do it. Sid is throwing away things in frustration. He asks why will Aasha do so after him giving everything for her including a name for her child. Aasha and Vardhan watches it happily and Vardhan says that she should be careful as the people in love will not quit so easily. He shows her assigned surgery in the surgery board and Aasha gets elated.

Next day Sid waits for Ishaani and notices a stain on his shirt. Ishaani enters at that tile and sees the stain. She says that if it was old Ishaani she would’ve tried to clean but she’s no more than one. Saying so she leaves. Sid comes to Ishaani to talk with her but Ishaani ignores him. He tried several ways to get close to Ishaani but nothing worked. He offered his food to her but she rejected it. Aasha sees it and gets happy as now she can concentrate on her surgery without worrying about them.

Ishaani is resting under the sun when Sid comes there hiding her warmth. She asks him to leave as finally she’s trying to get the warmth back in her life. Sid asks her to move on in her life as no one can be happy with him. He says that he himself is destroyed. Ishaani says that he doesn’t have any rights to say what she has to do. She asks him to for once check opening his eyes and observes things in others point of view so that he can understand something. Saying so she leaves while Sid gets thinking.

Sid and Neil are taking notes of patients when Aasha messages Sid that she’ll be busy with surgery and asks him to have lunch on time. Sid too replies back and continues with his work. Neil calls him for lunch but Sid says that he’ll join later. Neil leaves while Sid notices that one injection is missing. He leaves to check on it while Aasha sneaks in and takes the paper. To her utter shock she meets Sid while leaving and Sid gets suspicious on her.

Precap : Sid says Ishaani that he understood that whatever she said is right and Aasha is the culprit. Ishaani leaves saying that he broke her heart.