Sanjivani 2 Written Update 2nd January 2020: Ishaani and Sid under Vardhan’s watch

The episode starts with Vardhan having Shashank photo and asking him to come soon. He says that he wants him to see all the chaos happening over there. Sid on the other hand is about to go to Vardhan to confront him but Ishaani stops him. Ishaani asks him to not do any such thing as Vardhan may get alert. Ishaani says that they need to find out the reason for Vardhan framing him.

Roshni is crying seeing her and Shashank’s photo. She says that just because of them their son is suffering so much. She recalls Aasha’s words. Alk these while Sid never questioned anything about his father but now he wants to know and she couldn’t even say that to him. Sid says Rahil about Vardhan behind all the problems in his life. They both leave to find proofs to prove himself innocent.

Vardhan’s man follows them without their knowledge and keeps instructing Vardhan of Sid’s move.

Ishaani sneaks out of her ward and goes to Vardhan cabin. She checks for any proof against Vardhan and finds the wrong prescriptions prescribed by Sid. She sees his handwriting and gets shocked but then sees her under light and finds something. Sid on the other hand goes to Niti’s House and gets to know that she’s out of town and the same happens with the chemist who put charges on him. They tried getting cctv footage but it failed too.

Ishaani is about to leave Vardhan’s cabin when she finds Vardhan standing outside to enter the cabin. She panics but Vardhan gets a call from Inspector and didn’t enter inside.

Inspector says that he has removed all the cctv proofs against him and Vardhan thanks him. He promises to give his money for sure. Vardhan then leaves for another work and Ishaani escapes at the time. Rahil gets Neil’s call and urges Sid to gi to hospital as its about Ishaani.

Sid rushes to Ishaani and hugs her. He asks what she was doing in corridor. They both gets all lovey dovey when Neil and Rahil makes them aware of their presence. Neil pretends frustrated at their PDA and leaves the ward. He comes out to find Vardhan’s spy secretly watching ar Sid and Ishaani. He calls him but he runs away.

Neil decides to inform security.
Ishaani gives the prescriptions she got and Sid gets shocked seeing his handwriting. She asks him to see it under light and they find traces of hand cream. Ishaani says that Sid doesn’t use hand cream and it’s written by someone else. Sid says that it’s Vardhan as he’s very hygienic. Ishaani says that it’s a small proof and they should start collecting proof like this before informin7 board members about Vardhan.

Sid agrees and sends Rahil away as Ishaani is tired. He lies beside her and hugs her to sleep. The guy informs Vardhan about Neil catching him. Vardhan gives him ward boy clothes to escape from others. He understands that someone visited his cabin.

Precap : Sid asks a hacker to hack Vardhan’s system and his spy hears it. He gets Sid into even more trouble.