Sanjivani 2 Written Update 31st December 2019: Sid to get arrested and gets suspended from Sanjivani

The episode starts with Sid panicking seeing Ishaani’s condition and Doctor sends him outside.Sid gets restless.

The inspectors investigate Aakash who agrees that a doctor has sold him medicines. He signals Vardhan and starts acting as if he’s repenting his mistake. Inspector asks him to identify the doctor and he agrees. Sid is outside Ishaani’s ward and acts all frustrated seeing her condition. He’s called upon for identification but he denies coming leaving Ishaani. The constables forcefully take him to inspector who’s with Juhi and Vardhan.

The guy Aakash identifies Sid has the one who sold him the medicines and Sid shouts that he’s innocent and someone is trying to frame him. The inspector then brings the loan lender who gave money to Sid. He gives his statement that Sid has paid back his 50 lakh and looks at Vardhan who smirks seeing him.

Sid holds him by collar and asks him the reason for lying. Juhi stands confused. She says Inspector that whatever it is Sid is their hospital doctor and asks him to let them first investigate and then he could action.

Inspector agrees on Vardhan and Juhi saying and leaves.
Sid is once again with who says that someone is again trying to frame him and asks her to help him.

He asks her to wake up and says that this time he’ll fight for himself. He says that she has taught him to fight for him and he’ll definitely fight to prove his innocence. He asks her to trust him. Rahil rushes calling him outside and Sid leaves only to find his mother. His mother says that someone is saying something against him and she didn’t know what to do.

Niti comes there and Juhi asks Niti to save Sid. She asks her whether Sid gave her extra medicines and bill and she agrees. Sid gets extremely shocked. He asks why’s she framing him like others and asks her to say the truth. Niti recalls Vardhan blackmailing her with her brother and agrees that Sid is a cheater. Sid loses all his hope when his mother herself loses trust on him. Sid asks her to believe that he’s her son and will never do something wrong.

Ishaani’s soul watches everything and starts getting giddy. She keeps saying that she trusts Sid.
Sid comes to Ishaani and says about none trusting him. He asks if atleast she’s trusting him.

Ishaani’s soul which is in very bad times condition says that she trusts him more than herself. Sid says that his own mother is not a trusting him and don’t know what to do. He asks her to wake up and prove that atleast she trusts him. He counts till 19 for her to wake up. Ishaani’s soul suffers as she couldn’t wake up despite trusting him. Sid says after count that even she don’t believe him. Inspector comes to arrest Sid.

Precap :Sid gets arrested and media covers it. Sid is about to sign the form stating him cheater