Sanjivani 2 Written Update 3rd December 2019: Aasha’s truth to be out in front of Sid

The episode starts with Sid looking doubtful Aasha and asks what’s she doing there. Aasha says that she wanted to check on him and once again drags Ishaani. Sid gets furious and asks her to shut. He says that he’s in such a bad state but all she has to say is rubbing Ishaani on his face. He asks her to leave and Aasha leaves. Sid comes back and checks the reports and gets shocked.

Aasha gives Vardhan the slip noted by Sid and Vardhan finds her sad. He asks her the reason for it and Aasha says about Sid behaving rude with her. Vardhan asks her to not get too involved in this contract marriage. He says that that’s this is final blow and this time even God can’t save Sid.
Juhi shows Shashank the letters sent by unknown person and he reads it. He calls it all utter rubbish. Juhi says that she too knows it but she keeps getting it. Shashank recalls Juhi asking about his past. He gets upset.

A little girl is trying to get her helium balloons standing on stairs and is about to slip but Sid and Ishaani saves her on time. Ishaani says that the things that we love will at times give pain to them and asks her to be careful indirectly taunting Sid. Sid too indirectly confesses Ishaani about his love. Later A nurse calls the kid for medicine and She goes. Ishaani is about to go but Sid stops her. Ishaani breaks one of the two balloons and says that her heart is already broken and it can’t be mended.

Sid and Aasha are having food in canteen. Ishaani is also having food there with Rahil and Neil. Rahil all of a sudden faints and Ishaani and Sid holds him. Aasha gets irked seeing Ishaani and Sid close and pushes Ishaani. Aasha, Sid and Neil take Rahil to the ward and Rahil condition gets worsen. Sid checks him and says that he would have low blood sugar due to hectic hours. He asks Aasha to bring the bp machine and Aasha goes to get it.

Aasha comes back but couldn’t find Sid. Vardhan messages her to come outside. Aasha meets Vardhan outside and Says about Rahil condition being worse. Vardhan asks her to give him some wrong injection so that his condition worsens. Aasha says that he’s her friend and Vardhan reminds her that even Sid and Ishaani were her best friend. He threatens her once again with her job and Aasha gets shocked. She with a heavy heart goes back to Rahul. In the meantime Ishaani decides to stay as Sid and Aasha are with with Rahil. She constantly prays for Rahil health. Aasha with a shivering hands is about to inject Rahil but Sid stops her on time shocking her. Rahil too gets up revealing it all to be a combined plan of Rahil, Neil and Sid. Sid looks furiously at her. Rahil says Ishaani about Aasha being exposed in front of Sid.

Precap : Sid exposes Aasha Infront of everyone. He insults her and calls her a disgrace to the profession.