Sanjivani 2 Written Update 5th December 2019: Sid proposes and gets romantic with Ishaani

The episode starts with Ishaani getting back Sid’s dress to him and he wears it. He holds her close and is about to confess his love for her when Dr. Neil interrupts. He informs Ishaani about her patient and she leaves to check on it. Sid gets disappointed.

Aasha is crying seeing her stained coat as her career is ruined. She’s crying vigorously and Vardhan sees her from outside. He gets in and Aasha holds him by collar. She says that everything has happened because of him and warns to ruin him with her. Vardhan shouts at her to remove her hands from his collar. He says that it’s him who saved her and he’ll save her next time. He warns her to not try to threaten him.

He sees the mangalsutra on her neck and asks her to use this marriage according to their wish and escape the situation. He asks her to buy a new coat and sends her away. He’s irked with Aasha’ s actions.

Ishaani after treating the patient is dancing happily in the corridor without anyone’s notice. She sees Aasha and says that she’s happy that her truth is out in front of Sid and will soon find evidences against her. Aasha holds her mangalsutra in front of her indicating that she’s still married to Sid and asks her to not to rejoice.

Vardhan is working out furiously recalling Aasha’ s words. He thinks that he can’t rely on Aasha any more as she will doom him along with her. He thinks to find some other way as this will not work anymore.

Ishaani on her way sees arrow marks and road and follows it. She finds the place decorated with lights and flowers and Sid is present in the middle of it. He comes to her and apologizes for his rude behaviour, for hiding his love from her and for giving her pain. Sid and Ishaani gets romantic. Ishaani asks if he wanted to only apologise. Sid holds her by face and proposes he7 while Ishaani gets elated. They both lean in for a kiss when Ishaani gets reminded of Aasha. She moves away shocking Sid. She says that this is not right. Sid asks her to not to deny as he himself did it a lots of time.

Ishaani says that Aasha is still in his life and this is wrong. Sid says that nothing is wrong in love but Ishaani denies and leaves.

Precap : Sid asks Aasha is she acting to be pregnant and decides to break all ties with her. He drags her and Ishaani watches it shocked.