Sanjivani 2 Written Update 6th December 2019: A shocker for Sid

The episode starts with Ishaani asking him to break the other bond before tying their love bond. She asks him to let go off his past and clear it completely so that they can move on a head. She wants to have full rights on their love and asks him to give it. She kisses his forehead and leaves. Sid stands worried when he gets Guddu call that Aasha is home.

Aasha is in the home and Sid comes and asks her what’s she doing there. He asks her to leave and throws away her things. Aasha denies leaving and says that this is her home too. She remembers him of his promise for her about giving his name for her child. Sid questions if she really have a child or that’s also lie. He asks her to stay for the night and tomorrow they will clear everything and snatches the mobile from her.

Next day Ishaani is wondering to her friends about why did Aasha do all this when Sid comes dragging Aasha. He taunts Aasha in front of everyone and says that he’s going to do her sonography to check if she’s really pregnant or not. With that he drags her away while everyone watches confused.

Sid brings her to the sonography room and asks her to lie. Aasha asks how could he trouble a pregnant lady so much. Sid asks her to not act and says if there is no child inside then all this drama should end then and there. Aasha lies down and sonography procedure starts. They couldn’t find anything at first and Sid taunts her.

Ishaani is checking a patient and gets happy that with one injection the disease is controlled. Neil also says that everything in her life will be controlled too and asks her not to worry. Ishaani goes to the sonography room and finds no one. She calls Sid but he doesn’t pick up. Sid on the other hand has immersed his head into water to cool himself. Ishaani sees Aasha from behind and gets confused.

Sid recalls hearing the heartbeat of the child in the sonography and getting shocked. Aasha taunts that if he’s happy now and says that she’s not so cheap to lie about her child. She asks him to decide what he’s going to do. Is he going to keep his promise or going to leave the child fatherless in this world. Sid stands confused. On the other hand Ishaani sees Aasha who’s actually wiping her smudged Kajal. She says that nothing can make her leave Sid and leaves taunting her. Ishaani stands confused.

Precap : Sid asks Ishaani what should he do and leaves the decision on her. Ishaani gets thinking