Sanjivani 2 Written Update 8th January 2020: EMOTIONAL DRAMA IN SHASHANK’S LAST RITES

The episode starts with everyone assembled in corridor with for Shashank’s last prayers. Shashank’s photo us kept in the middle. Sid is doing his post mortem. Vardhan fumes that Shashank failed his plan. Everyone else are devastated. Sid brings Shashank’s body and keeps it in front of the photo. Everyone one by one comes and pays respect for him.

Anjali says that they fought many times but she always loved him. She hugs him crying. Juhi too cries holding him and gives him a memory of them to get her followed by Ishaani who says that she’ll always follow his teachings and will become the best doctor of Sanjivani.

Roshni too pays her rites and Vardhan watches it. He too comes and throws flowers at him uninterested.

Sid hugs him crying breaking down completely.
Shashank is taken for his last rites. Pandit asks them to call his son to set his body on fire.

Fellow doctors pay their respect for Shashank by saluting his body. Vardhan thinks that Shashank may have died but he will not let him rest him in peace. He says that Shashank doesn’t have a son and Anjali is like both daughter and son for him. She’ll do the last rites of Shashank.

Anjali denies that she can’t but Sid urges her to go. Roshni thinks that she needs to reveal the truth to everyone. Anjali is about to light his body but Roshni stops her. She says that Shashank has a son confusing everyone.

She goes to Sid and says that Shashank is his father shocking everyone to the core. Sid stands stunned without reacting and all his moments with Shashank comes rushing in his mind. He stands unmoved when Pandit says that they shouldn’t keep the body for long. Anjali who’s equally devastated holds Sid’s hand and makes him light up Shashank’s body.

Vardhan enjoys all the drama and says that his revenge doesn’t end here. He says that he’ll get his revenge on Shashank’s son now.

Sid is sitting devastated when Ishaani and Philo asks Roshni to go to him as they both are in need of each other. They say that Sid is devastates with the revelation and asks her to support him. Roshni stands tensed.

Precap : Ishaani says Sid about Vardhan who wants his revenge from him for Shashank. She says they need to fight him. On the other hand Vardhan decides to completely destroy Sanjivani and shatter Shashank’s dream. He visits the secret door and thinks its time to reveal the secret.