Sanjivani 2 Written Update 9th December 2019: Sid and Ishaani’s major decision

The episode starts with Sid walking on the road recalling Aasha’s words. He feels helpless. He finds his childhood being mocked for not having a father and says to his childhood that it’s not his fault. He then comes to the park where Ishaani is already there. He says that he knows how difficult it is to live without a father and he don’t want another child to go through the same pain. He asks her what should he do and leaves the decision on Ishaani. Ishaani says that she wants to his love only for her and is not ready to share him with anyone. She asks him to promise that his love is reserved only for her and no one as the right on it. Sid promises her tye same. Ishaani asks her to go ahead with protecting the child.

Sid comes to her and kneels in front of her. He says that he’s only hers. Ishaani gifts him a locket with the blended form of their name “SidIsha”. She asks him to wear it everytime and never remove it and Sid agrees. They both have an emotional breakup.

On the other Side Aasha is crying remembering her dying mother who asks promise from her to not let her career ruin at any cost. She says that she will not let any harm to her career and promises to choose any wrong way to protect her career. Sid comes there and gets furious seeing Aasha. He says that she wants to stay there and asks her to stay. He also says that she’s staying only for her child but she doesn’t have any place in this house.

Next day a patient comes running and falls at the feet of Shashank. Shashank asks him the reason and the patient says about inflated medical bill for his regular check ups. The patient turns out to Dr. Sid’s patient. Shashank checks the bill and finds all unnecessary tests in it. Sid comes there and Shashank shows him the file. Sid says that his sign is there but he didn’t refer all this tests. Shashank gets angry at him.

Sid says that it might be Aasha as everyone knows what she did with him. Shashank says that it’s him who should be responsible for his patient’s condition. Vardhan comes there and says that Sid can’t do this as he’s such a loyal doctor of Sanjivani. He also adds that it can happen only if he got commission from anyone shocking Sid and Shashank.

Precap : Sid lashes out at Aasha and Ishaani asks Aasha why’s she doing this to another doctor despite being a doctor.