Sanjivani 20th February 2020 Written Update: ISHAANI PROPOSES DEAL WITH NV

The episode starts with Ishaani coming to Sid and both are separated by a mosquito net around the bed. Ishaani confesses Sid about how he has proposed her and promised to be with her. She also tells him about his rude behaviour with her because of his problems with her Mama and Mami. She says that every relationship has problem but he behaved too rude and still she forgave him. She says that she was waiting for him in mandap to marry him only for him to go to States ditching her. She asks why did he do this to her and what she did to deserve the pain. She keeps asking but he doesn’t respond. She peeps in moving the mosquito net only to find Sid sleeping. She realized that she was confessing everything when he was asleep and is about to go when Sid catches her hand. He murmurs in his sleep asking Ishaani to not to go away from him. Ishaani gets furious and rushes out.

NV is preparing an artificial rose to propose Ishaani and mocks himself for being mad in love. Ishaani comes there and says that she has did what he wanted her to do. She says that she has met with Sid and is ready to take care of him. She also says that she’s ready to take the duty of a doctor and NV gets happy. She says that she wants something un return and NV asks her to ask anything as it’s her right. She says that she actually wants to propose a deal where they both make profit. She asks him to give divorce paper ij one and and she is ready to treat Sid and take up her doctor’s duty.

NV gets upset and shocked on hearing it when Ishaani once again asks him to give freedom. They were about to argue when Bittu comes in and asks what happened. They both stand without saying anything. Bebe comes there and scolds Bittu for disturbing them. She too notices some tension between them but they hide. Bittu calls them out for surprise party and they all gets into the car.

Nv and the family comes to a fair as Bittu wants to have junk foods. She goes to panipuri stall and orders three plates panipuri as one plate is for both NV and Ishaani. He asks them to feed each other.

NV feeds Ishaani and when Ishaani is about to feed NV takes it from her hand. Few rogues present there pass comments about Ishaani. A furious NV starts thrashing them and they get into a fight. NV gets hurt with a knife in his hand and Bebe falls down unconscious seeing it.

The police arrests the goons and Bebe is taken to hospital. NV apologizes Bebe when Ishaani comes there. They both starts arguing when Bebe wakes up. NV sees it and tries calming Ishaani but she doesn’t and reveals about their divorce and Bebe hears it.

Precap : Ishaani once again asks NV to sign the divorce papers.