SANJIVANI 28th January 2020 Written Update: Ishaani and Nv Singh saves Sid

The episode starts with Singh holding Ishaani ij his arms. She composes and is about to leave when Singh says about reheating the Halwa brought by Bebe. Ishaani tries moving but NV pesters her to have some aa Bebe had specially made for her.

Ishaani sits to have some. On the other hand Bebe thinks that it took 3 years for her to bring Ishaani and NV to sleep in one room. She thinks with great difficulty Ishaani tries to overcome the pain in her heart and with Sid’s entry everything can get spoiled. She asks Nurse Philo to not let Ishaani meet Sid at any cost. Philo says that Singh assigned Sid’s case to Ishaani and its really difficult to keep them away from each other.

Bebe begs her to shift Sid to some other hospital and give good treatment for him but Philo hesitates. Bebe expresses her worry that it’s a matter of three lives and promises her to take good care of Sid in another hospital. Bebe says they need Ishaani’s sign to transfer Sid to another hospital and both gets worried. On the other hand NV teases Ishaani by not giving her the halwa and Ishaani takes iy herself. She leaves saying that it’s good and asks to inform Bebe the same.

Nurse Philo comes to Ishaani and in the pretext of taking sign from her for tests takes sign in transfer form on Bebe’s insistence and Ishaani too signs. Later they both take Sid’s body to ambulances but on the way sees NV Singh. Philo in order to escape takes Sid to mortuary but keeps the file on another body. Singh asks Bebe to leave as driver is waiting for her and she assures she will. Once Sigh is gone Philo takes the real dead body instead of Sid and asks ward boy to take it to ambulance. Sid gets mistaken as the dead body John and is taken to burial ground

Ishaani is searching for her patient 4 but misses seeing Sid who gets taken away at the same time. After sometime NV gets the other hospital doctor’s call who says the patient they’ve sent is dead hours back. When asked about the doctor who signed it gets to know that it’s Ishaani. He misunderstand that Ishaani intentionally shifted the patient to escape from her duty. He angrily goes to her and lashes out at her.

Ishaani tries explaining but he doesn’t listen. Soon he discovers that the patient is taken to burial ground and says Ishaani is responsible if anything happens to him. He takes Ishaani with him to save the person

On the way NV Singh keeps taunting Ishaani for her carelessness that could cost a life. They both reach the burial ground and starts digging the grave. With great difficulty they manage to lift the coffin and opens it. Ishaani gets shocked seeing Sid so is Singh. He finds him breathless and rushes to treat him while Ishaani is still shocked.

Precap :Singh gives cpr to Sid and Ishaani faints.