SANJIVANI 31st January 2020 Written Update: ISHAANI’S OUTBURST OF PAIN

The episode starts with Ishaani saying that she has seen the person as he wished but he’s the same person who stole everything from her. She says that he ditched her in wedding and just sent a message about leaving her. And and all these days she was just waiting for him. She never got parents love and family but dreamt of building a small happy family with him. She waited for him to meet him one day not to shout at him or threaten him she just wanted to ask what’s less in her love that he ditched her this way. She says that Singh is a mahaan and can only see the patient’s pain but what about her pain. She says that she just hates him and shouts again that she hates him. She turns to Sid and says that Ishaani hates Dr Sid and runs inside.

She falls on the bed crying and starts shivering. She takes her tablet and says that she can’t do this anymore. She decides to leave the house as she can’t be in the same place as Dr. Sid. She starts packing her things to leave the house but Bebe stops her. She begs her to not leave the house and gets emotional. Ishaani says that she’s like her mother but she can’t stay here under one roof with Dr. Sid. Bebe asks her to face the problem and find a solution si that three of their lives can be at peace. She asks what does she mean. Bebe asks her to find a permanent solution so that no one is in pain. Ishaani gets into thinking.

In a nursing home two doctors are planning to remove organs of a abandoned old patient to make money out of it. They wait for a much younger person to get organs for selling. Ishaani calls the nursing home and asks about the facilities there as she wants to admit Sid who’s in coma there. They gets happy hearing is age and says that they’ll send an ambulance and asks her to send the patient. Ishaani takes away Sid to the ambulance while Rahil and Nurse Philo are searching the hospital where Sid’s is admitted in. Rahil gets worried for Sid.

Ishaani goes with Sid to the hospital and on the way recalls her moments with him. She gets worried admitting them while the doctors gets happy seeing Sid. They asks her to fill the papers and asks about his family.

Ishaani says that there’s no information about the family and asks them to take care of him. She says that if they feel anything needed they could immediately contact her but asks them to take a good care of him. She gets doubtful when they go aside and discuss about taking his organs but still let it go. Sid is taken to ot.

Precap : Rahil gets to know about the organ trafficking taking place in the nursing home where Sid is admitted. He blames Ishaani for it and she gets shocked.