Sanjivani 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Vardhan outsmarts Sid

The episode starts with Sid feeding Ishaani. Ishaani asks him not to worry as everything will be alright. A patient named Nishant comes there and Sid asks him to hack Vardhan’s system details. Nishant denies doing it as its a matter of his career but Sid assures him that he will make sure that he’ll not land in any trouble. Nishant agrees after lots of thinking as he knows Sid is a good doctor. Sid thanks him. Vardhan’s spy overhears it and informs Vardhan of the same.

Ishaani is in car with Sid and Rahil and is enjoying the environment. Sid asks her not to act cute as he’s still angry on her. He asks her why was she adamant to get out of the hospital. Ishaani says that how can she rest jn hospital when they are busy searching clues. She also says that she is just weak and is fine. Nishant on the other hand gets shocked seeing all the plotting and planning done by Vardhan against Sid. He calls Sid and informs him to come fast as he found something.

Sid asks Ishaani to stay in the car despite her protest and goes to Nishant home. They enter to find the whole place thrashed and the system is broken. Vardhan is playing golf and says that he’s more smarter than Sid and Ishaani. He says that he will not lose the battle at any cost. Ishaani on the other hand finds some goons dragging Nishant into the car. Sid and Rahil comes there and finds the same. They both gets into the car and starts following the car.

Vardhan gets the message that the work is done. He says that Sid is so gone that even God himself can’t save him. He says that now he’s only waiting for Vardhan to come and see the condition of his son. He wants to see him getting ousted with all the insults and have to feel the pain. He says that even God is in his side and he’ll make sure that his sister’s soul gets peace.

Sid misses the vehicle and gets worried about Nishant. Ishaani bnd Rahil assures him that nothing will happen to him. uid asks them to leave too but they deny. Ishaani asks Sid to come with thet to her home and they’ll find a way. Sid goes to Ishaani’s home. Ishaani cheers him up with a coffee and they both discuss about their next plan.

Juhi informs Vardhan about Shashank returning the next day and Vardhan gets excited. Sid and Ishaani gets shocked knowing someone has stolen the cctv footage of the chemist shop. They took the data to try retrieving it back. Sid gets Rahil message about Shashank return and gets happy. He wants to say Shashank the truth and hope he believes him. Ishaani assures he will. Sid is working on the data when Roshni decides t9 reveal the truth seeing his miserable condition.

Precap : Ishaani confronts Neeti