SANJIVANI 5th February 2020 Written Update: NV takes stand for Ishaani

The episode starts with Ishaani near Sid and Ratan watches it from afar. She gets panicked and starts to leave but her dress gets stuck at the hook of his bed. She tries removing it and her hand touches his hand by mistake. Ishaani says that he has only given pain to her and she hates him. She’s about to spot Ratan but he immediately runs to his bed and pretends sleeping. Ishaani comes and lies down beside him and silently cries. Ratan hears it.

Next day morning Ratan says Ishaani that he’s shifting Sid to Sanjivani and is handing over his case to another doctor. He asks her to atleast fulfill one thing for him and that’s to come back to Sanjivani. Ishaani calls him stubborn to force his decisions on her and never understand her pain.

NV agrees and says that his family is his profit and he will work hard to maintain it on the other hand Sanjivani’s patient’s health is another bigger profit that he’ll never let go. Rahil comes there and Ratan greets him. Rahil gets angry at Ratan for treating Sid like football to fulfill his wife’s demands. He blames Ishaani for continuously putting Sid’s life in danger. NV says that mistake has happened but unknowingly and asks him to take Sid to Sanjivani. Rahil leaves taking Sid in ambulance.

Rahil treats Sid in Sanjivani and tries reviving him from coma. NV brings a patient matre whose case is handled by Rishab and Ishaani. Ratan says Mrs. Matre that her husband’s heart failed 60% and they need to perform his surgery once they get a heart.

Ishaani is standing outside hesitating to enter inside due to Sid’s presence. NV forces her ti come and she comes inside fearing. NV introduces Natre’s doctors to his wife and assures to give the best treatment for her husband.

Ishaani is all the while lost seeing Sid and paid minimal attention to Singh. Ratan shakes her and the clip board in her hand falls down. She bends to pick it when her hand touches Sid’s hand. His pulse shots up immediately and Rahil panics. They try retrieving Sid when all of a sudden his pulse starts dropping to minimal.

Rahil and Rishab tries revoking him to stable while Rahil is all panicked. Ishaani runs away unable to bear the sight dropping her clip board on floor. Ratan sees the panic and asks Rahil and Nurse Philo to treat without falling emotionally weak. They calms down a bit and stables Sid.

Rahil, Rishab and everyone are praying in hospital’s temple for Sid’s good health. Ratan brings Ishaani there but Ishaani begs him to not to force her to pray. Rahil once again taunts Ishaani for not valuing Sid’s pain. Ratan having had enough says Rahil he only sees Sid’s pain and not Ishaani’s. He says that he has witnessed her depression and panic attacks because of Sid and she’s equally ill as Sid. He asks him to pray for both to recover. Ishaani looks proud at him for his stand.

Precap : Ishaani tries saving a sinking Sid.