Sanjivani 6th January 2020 Written Update: A shocker for Sanjivani

The episode starts with Roshni deciding to inform Sid about his relationship with Shashank. She with gaining courage tries talking with Sid but gets disturbed by a call. Rahil calls Sid and informs that he has lodged a complaint about Prashant’s kidnap but couldn’t find anything. He asks if he found anything but Sid says that everything is deleted in the files and couldn’t find anything. Rahil suggests him to take Neil help who’s aware of all these stuffs. Sid likes the idea and immediately leaves before Roshni could reveal him anything.

Niti is walking on the road when all of a sudden Ishaani’s vehicle stops beside her. She asks her to get in and Niti does. She asks Niti why did she give statement against Sid when all he has done is good for her family. She says because of her Sid can go to jail and can never practice medicine anymore. She asks will she do the same if he’s her brother. Niti says that she’s doing all this for her brother and the person who’s blackmailing her is very dangerous. Ishaani says its Vardhan right and Niti agrees. Ishaani begs her to come and give statement on favor of Sid but Neeti leaves denying.

Juhi is very excited about Shashank’s return and asks everyone to clean the place. Anjali too is so eager to meet Shashank besides their misunderstandings. Sid asks Ishaani if Shashank will believe him for which Ishaani says he will. Vardhan waits for Shashank in order to play his game. Sid on his way bumps into Vardhan who mocks at him for his condition. Sid warns him that once Shashank is here he’ll be given his punishment for sure. Sid leaves and Vardhan thinks  that not him but its going to be him who’s going to get the biggest nightmare of his life.

Roshni thinks that Sid has already suffered enough because of her and she’ll not let him suffer anymore. She decides to tell him the truth that he’s Shashank’s son and that’s why someone is getting revenge on him. Everyone in the hospital are waiting eagerly for Shashank’s return. Roshni comes there and Sid asks what happened and why’s she here. Roshni apologizes Sid confusing him. She’s about to reveal the truth with lots of hesitation but Juhi’s scream gained everyone’s attention. She says that some terrible accident took place on the way to airport and many people have died.

Everyone gets shocked and fears for Shashank’s life. Anjali keeps calling him but he doesn’t pick up the call. Juhi asks her to think positive abs says she’s sure nothing would’ve happened to Shashank. Soon ambulance arrives with all the injured patients of the accident and everyone leaves to treat the patients. Later Shashank’s drive is brought all injured who gives the biggest shocking revelation that Shashank is no more.

Precap : Shashank is brought to Sanjivani in very bad condition. Vardhan fumes at his flopped plan and thrashes things. Roshni is about to reveal the truth to Sid.