Sanjivani 7th January 2020 Written Update: Shashank’s death comes as a major blow

The episode starts with Shashank’s driver saying that Shashank is no more shocking everyone to the core. Roshni is about to fall but Sid holds her. He makes her sit on a chair and says Shashank is like a father to him. He asks how could it happen to him. Anjali who still couldn’t come in terms with the truth asks everyone to treat the patients as there are so many. She’s sure that nothing has happened to Shashank. Sid is crying in Roshni’s arms and Ishaani at a distance.

Roshni thinks that how will he manage himself when he gets to know about his relationship with Shashank. She thinks that she needs to say it at any cost. Roshni us about to reveal the truth when all of a sudden Juhi collapses on the ground. Sid and Ishaani rushes to her and tries consoling her. Anjali scolds Juhi for her weak love and asks how can she believe someone words just like that. She asks Nurse Philo to take her to ward to admit.

Vardhan breaks things on knowing about Shashank’s death as all is plan is flopped. He says that he can’t accept Shashank’s death. He says he has planned so much for his entry and everything is ruined. He too denies believing it and says that he should die with his own hands.
Juhi is admitted and she’s in her half conscious mode. She recalls their initial days In Sanjivani. Her condition gets worsen wit6 every passing minute and Philo kept injecting dosage. Anjali scolds her and leaves to check on other patients as she still doesn’t believe Shashank is no more. Sid and Ishaani are crying in each others arms and Sid says how much Shashank meant to him. Doctors call Sid to treat the patients but he doesn’t respond to anyone. Ishaani begs him to control himself.

Whole of Sanjivani is mourning Shashank’s death news. Everyone are crying recalling the help Shashank did for them. Sid goes to God’s idol and questions that why did he snatch the only relation grok him and why can’t he see him happy. They see Roshni near Shashank’s body and goes to him. Sid bursts out seeing Shashank and asks him to wake up. He doesn’t listen to anyone saying that Shashank is ko more. Shashank is taken in and Anjali too bursts out seeing him. Juhi recalls Shashank’s operation and immediately runs to find bus dead body. Vardhan comes and acts sad and says about his failed plan. Ishaani notices it.

Precap : Shashank’s son is asked to light up his dead body. Vardhan says that Shashank doesn’t have son but Anjali is like a son as well as daughter for him. He says that Anjali will light up the funeral. Anjali is about to light up the funeral when Sid’s mother stops her. She says Shashank do have a son shocking everyone. Vardhan smirks as his plan succeeds.