Sanjivani: Ishaani finds about Sid’s health condition

Star Plus popular series Sanjivani is all set for a major turning point in their show. Earlier it’s seen that NV confesses his love for Ishaani in his drunken state but Ishaani misses hearing it. Later NV decides to give divorce to an adamant Ishaani.

Now it will be seen that NV gets to know that Sid can’t be cured and hides the truth from Ishaani. However Ishaani finds it and feels cheated.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Ishaani asks Bebe to agree to her decision as she doesn’t want to stay in the marriage anymore. She asks NV to give his answer by evening and leaves. Later a drunken NV confesses his love for Ishaani unaware that Ishaani has already left.

Bebe tries uniting Ishaani and NV by making them spend time with each other for making Shivling for mahashivratri. Later during the pooja NV says Ishaani that he’s ready to give divorce to her shocking Ishaani.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Nv agrees to divorce Ishaani as per her deal. He says that he will sign the divorce papers once Sid gets cured by her. Ishaani gets determined to cure Sid to get relieved from both the guys. NV arranges best neurosurgeon for Sid who says that Sid can’t be operated as he had tumor in brain.

He says the chances for Sid getting cured is actually nil. NV gets shocked hearing it but hides iy from Ishaani to not let her hope vanish. Later Ishaani gets suspicious and reads the reports and feels cheated. She gets extremely furious.

Will Sid gets cured by Ishaani? Will Ishaani understands NV’s genuine efforts for her?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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