Sanjivani: NV gives divorce to Ishaani

Star Plus popular series Sanjivani is all set for a major turning point in their show. Earlier it’s seen that Sid after getting conscious lies that he was in America breaking Ishaani.

Ishaani decides to move on in life by confessing her love for NV. Now it will be seen that Sid gets to know about Ishaani and NV’s divorce and decides to get back with Ishaani.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Sid gets conscious and Ishaani questions him about where he was before coming to Sanjivani and he says that he was in America. Ishaani burst out hearing it and lashes out at him.

However later he reveals to Rahil that he was actually coming to the mandap but on his way got attacked by goons and was in coma all this while. He takes promise from Rahil to not reveal anything to Ishaani as he has already given her enough pain for three years. Later Ishaani decides to confess her love for NV while Rahil forces Sid to reveal the truth to Ishaani as she’s getting divorced from NV.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that NV decides to give signed divorce papers to Ishaani as per their deal. However Ishaani who has now fell in love with NV decides to confess her love for him. In the meantime Sid also wants to get back with Ishaani after knowing about the divorce from Rahil.

The twist arrives when it’s revealed that it’s actually Ishaani’s Maama and Maami who hired goons to stop from reaching the mandap. They overhear Sid and Rahil’s talk and decides to stop Sid. Later NV gives divorce papers to Ishaani when she’s about to confess to him and Maama and Maami feeds drugged sweets to Sid to stop him from revealing the truth. Sus falls unconscious.

Will Ishaani gets go know her uncle and Aunt’s truth? Whom will she end up with? NV or Sid?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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