Sanjivani Written Update 13th November 2019: Sid falls asleep in OT due to sleeping pill given by Aasha

The episode starts with Aasha offering the prasad to Sid. She asks him to continue and says that she will stay in hospital. Sid asks her to leave but she denies. She gives prasad to Ishaani too and leaves. Media is present all over Sanjivani and Vardhan watches it. Aasha comes there and he asks if she has mixed sleeping pill in his prasad and she is says yes. Sid feels a bit dizzy and Shashank presents him in front of media. Media asks him why didn’t he operate commissioner and Shashank says that commissioner personally requested for Sid to perform hus surgery and praises Sid.

Vardhan says that the media who’s praising Sid will soon throws all types of insulting questions at him. He also says that within 30 minutes Vardhan who’s so proud of his student will himself slap him hard and throw him out of Sanjivani. Sid promises Shashank to give his best and Shashank blesses him. Commissioner is taken into the operation theater and Sid meets Ishaani on his way she wishes him luck and says that she has full trust on him. Sud feels dizzy and she asks if she’s fine. Sid says that if he feels that he couldn’t do it he himself will back off as it’s a matter of someone’s life. Ishaani motivates him and he leaves.

He comes to his cabin and gives himself a pep talk. He says that he’ll do well and leaves for the surgery. Shashank and everyone including Aasha, Vardhan and Rishab are present watching the surgery. Ishaani comes there all happy and Shashank asks her to take a seat. Seeing her all excited he says that it’s a surgery and not a football match. Ishaani smiles hearing it.

Sid starts the operation and Shashank notices his moves. He does everything well making everyone happy. Vardhan asks Aasha how many sleeping pills did she mix and she says one. She says that she’s aware of dosage as she herself is a doctor and asks him to wait for sometime. Sid all of a sudden starts feeling dizzy and everyone panics. He cuts a wrong part and everyone gets shocked with it.

Vardhan urges Juhi to take over and she rushes inside. The information reaches media and they call Sid unprofessional for falling asleep in ot. Juhi takes over when Rahil says that he doesn’t have hope. Vardhan sees Shashank furious and gets happy. Juhi determines to make it successful as its a question of Sanjivani and Shashank’s respect.

Precap : Police and media bashes a half conscious Sid and Ishaani tries stopping them. Sid falls crying at the feet of Shashank and Shashank asks what happened in ot.